Calling All Seattle Qt3 Space Nerds: Artemis over holidays?

I also thought of the U.S.S. Failboat.

Or the USS Boobyprize.

Heh. Booby.

Why would it be USS? Can’t it be TPR The Great Ship Tra La La?

The QTT Not-Skyrim?

OK, before the random wittering by people who AREN’T EVEN IN THE CREW gets too crazy:

Those interested, please reply to the thread about whether Thursday, 12/29/2011, 7 pm, in Kirkland, works for you as a 4D departure coordinate.

(If it doesn’t, how about Friday 12/30/2011, also 7 pm?)

This should be on iPads and iPhones. Especially away-team elements!

Are there away teams in this? If so, I detect an opportunity for including people not living in wherever Seattle is!

Because yes, I want to do this too. Unfortunately, us New York Qt3ers do not associate in such (or any) a manner.

Man. Wish I could be there. Take the engineering station for me someone, and have those dylithium crystals running at full power!

Either day should be ok for me. Pencil me in.

So who’s wife/girlfriend will paint herself blue for the requisite “alien babe” part of the game? ;-)

This is totally unsolicited information by someone who isn’t even in the crew, but I kind of like using this website to fix on meeting times. It probably isn’t needed in this thread, but maybe you’ll find it useful.

Both of those times are good for me.

Friday won’t work for me because we have some out-of-town family coming in. Thursday is potentially good, but I need to do some hustle and jive with work on scheduling. Give me a couple of days to see if I can sort it out.

I think Thursday will work; it’s going to depend on my wife’s work schedule for taking over the kid-care. Or i can just bring my kid and he can play with your kids. :)

My kids will be crashing at some point (around 9 o’clock), but God knows we can supply your kid with a DS and Professor Layton. Or he can be Wesley, or something. OK, let’s take “or something” on that one. Anyway he’s welcome to come and help you try to run your station in a semi-competent manner. I think we will all need all the help we can get…

I am debating whether we should have a drinking game in which we drink when we screw up, or drink when we do not screw up. Either one could go awry in an amusing manner. But since most everyone will be driving, probably better to leave alcohol out of the game structure. I will have beer available, though, just in case.

Also, Tom (yes, Chick) was nice enough to ask me to document this for the front page. I think what I actually want to do is liveblog it in this thread, with pictures and everything, Angie style. (Well, maybe not that many pictures. Or pigeons. Unless there are space pigeons.)

Had a look at the Artemis website again for the first time in a few months - man, it has come on a long way! Make your own missions, multi-bridge games, choice!

Here is an Artemis wiki. It looks awful (seriously, who doesn’t use media wiki these days?) but has good info:

This mod is meant to be awesome and required.

Read that there are scripted missions with voice-actors on the comms and everything!

Either Thursday or Friday works for me.

either works for me.