Candyman (2021) - Bee man takes on gentrification

Written and produced by Jordan Peele. Directed by Nia DaCosta.


Lots of Clive Barker stuff getting remade lately.

Remake of classic Clive Barker horror movie: please don’t.
Remake of classic Clive Barker horror movie by Jordan fuckin’ Peele: yes, yes okay you have my attention. (Okay, not directed by, but still. Close enough.)

I respect Jordan Peele but I won’t be seeing this remake. I love the original too much. One of the few horror movies that I can recall actually scaring me, and some great performances by Virginia Madsen and Tony Todd. I’m open to being convinced that I’m wrong though.

His heavy involvement is about the only way I can see a remake doing anything worth the airtime.

Is Philip Glass still doing the score?

This seems to be less a remake, and more a Halloween 2018 style sequel to the original.

Wikipedia says it’s a sequel, not a remake.

The trailer looks okay, but I rarely watch horror movies. Too much stress.

Same here. I’m in. I will say that trailer was okay but not moving in a way that makes me jump up and down. That’s the one thing giving me pause is that fact that it isn’t Peele’s initial story here. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it, but for now I’m reserved until we get to see more.



Let’s compare to the trailer for the original:

So is it a woke remake?

Also I have never seen the original Candyman. What do I need?