Cars 2: Tokyo Drift

Really Pixar? Really?

Otoh, Michael Caine. So. err…

If this were done by anyone other than Pixar, I’d be hesitant.

This looks pretty good, even though it does not seem to have the homely, communal pathos of the first film. On the other hand, Toy Story 3 made me excited at the prospect of a Pixar film sans mawkishness.

Is this a new Bond film ? :p

Cars is the biggest draw Disney has for young boys, despite being one of Pixar’s lesser hits. As I recall, it is their #1 merchandising IP. Plus, they are building Cars Land in California Adventure right now, so another Cars movie was pretty much inevitable.

My son (age : 3) loves the first one, it’s his favourite movie by a wide margin, so I can confirm that it works for kids. And as parent I also like it, but then maybe it’s because I share my son’s excitement. Say what you will about the story, the anthropomorphic cars look great, and the races are visually pretty stunning

The trailer on the other hand left me cold. Yeah, spycars, what’s the point ?

So is that a straight-to-video release or theatrical? Because from the trailer, it looks straight-to-video.



I know that children really dig Cars, but to me it was by far the most conventional, generic, and least inspired movie Pixar has produced so far. Not really looking forward to the sequel.

These films are always good for selling a shitload of of licensed toys, so “hello bonus in 2012”. Otherwise, the movie looks dreadful.

Why is this hard to believe? Cars still makes Pixar a ton of money. Nobody buys Ratatouille toys, even though the rats are funny and stuff.

Bleah. This may be the first Pixar film that I dislike.

Good to see they’re fully embracing the whole “This world makes no fucking sense whatsoever” thing with the car airports and talking planes and such.

Bleah. This may be the first Pixar film that I dislike.

As I’m neither a NASCAR fan nor do I have nostalgia for Route 66 (and small towns in general for that matter), the original “Cars” was the first Pixar film that didn’t really do anything for me. I can’t imagine I’ll like the sequel any better, but I’ll be happy if I’m wrong.

I guess creating this makes sense from a financial perspective if the merchandise sells really well to children, but why oh why couldn’t they have made “The Incredibles 2” instead if they were determined to make a sequel to an existing property. :(


The original Cars was just “meh” for me. Didn’t like it, didn’t hate it, didn’t really care at all. The sequel, though, looks like it will push me past indifference into active dislike.

I’m with you on Incredibles 2, 100%.

I loved Cars. I know it and A Bug’s Life are two of the most popular unpopular movies, but I just really enjoyed everything about that film. So I’m totally on board for a sequel. On the other hand, the ‘mistaken for spies’ plot seems like the most conventional plot idea I’ve ever seen presented in a Pixar movie. Though I suppose A Bug’s Life’s ‘actors mistaken for warriors’ is in the same vein as far as old tropes go.

Either way, I’ll see it. Hell, maybe even in 3D!

Glad to see we’re hitting the panic button early on this one.

Oh, and bad thread title! We already got a Cars Tokyo Drift!

A Bug’s Life is far worse than Cars, and it would be straight up revisionism to say otherwise.

I’ve only seen about 15 minutes of Cars, but it left the impression that it consisted mostly of fart jokes and Larry the Cable Guy, generally at the same time. I kind assumed I just caught a particular bad part of the movie, but as a result I never bothered to watch the whole thing.

Or as far as “directly based on The Seven Samurai” goes.

I’d say “inspired by” more than “directly based on.” The way the Seven Samurai come together is vastly different from the way the circus bugs get pulled in. Other than that, though, yeah.

I, too, really liked Cars, even though it was “inspired by” Doc Hollywood. But a lot of that has to do with my son’s fascination with it and that I grew up around that area of the country more than anything.


That was pretty good.