Cars 2: Tokyo Drift

So we are in complete agreement?


I laughed, especially the ‘Tow Mater, average intelligence’ bit.

I enjoy the first one for the most part but I find it hard to switch off my brain and stop musing on the practicalities of a world in which anthropomorphic vehicles are the dominant intelligence. I wonder if that’s the problem that adults tend to have with it? Well, that and the lacklustre plot.

Wow, yeah, I wasn’t really getting a good vibe from that trailer. Cars was a nice enough film, but there was nothing special about it, and this looks like it is going to lose even the small amount of charm that the original had.

The first “Cars” is the first Pixar film that felt like a boring Disney flick to me. For some reason I really liked the trailers, so the actual film was a huge disappointment to me. Particularly the “karate kid” moment where the lead character (whose name escapes me right now) learns to drift. I don’t have any trouble at all with the cars-but-no-humans setting, it was that they did nothing at all even remotely interesting with it. Which is unusual for Pixar, since writing is usually one of their strengths.

So, a sequel? I don’t see myself even renting it.

My 3rd old son loves this movie, it’s the only dvd he will watch right through except anything with Thomas the Tank Engine in. personally i can’t stand it, however really it’s his movie and the sequel will be too.

He does have all the merchandise, well all the cars and trucks etc and loves replaying what happens on the screen on the carpet with his cars, so for me it really works, he love’s it, it works on his imagination etc and i can do other stuff while it’s on.

So really the fact i think it’s crap really doesn’t matter. Saying that i do love Mater, very funny comments that my son has no idea why i’m laughing, he keeps saying what’s so funny dad.

Yeah, I thought it looked rather bad, and I couldn’t sit through the original. The concept of talking cars, to me, felt so lackluster, and the world felt rather empty in an odd kind of way, so no intention of seeing this. I find it rather ironic though that this franchise is probably the best thing Larry the Cable Guy has ever done. I can’t stand his voice though. Hell, I can’t stand him.

It’s fucking Pixar.

I’m sure I’ll love it.

That’s what I thought, until I saw Cars.

I think the lesson we’ve learned here is that children have terrible taste.

It’s more that for Disney, it’s a marketing machine rather than an incentive for a quality movie.

it’s all about marketing… my 3year old also LOVES it… anything with McQueen on it… forget about it. Pretty much forget about matchbox cars, he would rather Cars™ cars.
And with the tractor trailers, and the NASCAR cars that go with them? Right now he’s up to I think 5 different ones. Not to mention the different sets, any different car that had ANY screen time of more then 1 second, is being marketed/sold at some point in time.

I heard at a Disney store that the new movie was to be released Summer of 2011.

I am glad to hear my son’s tastes confirmed as he will only watch and play with Thomas. Sleeps with 3 trains every night. He has sat thru Cars and Monsters Inc… not sure which is his fav.

Finally looked at the trailer after reading all the hate here. The trailer wasn’t that bad. Will it be up to Pixar standards? Who knows, but it didn’t look unwatchable. In fact, it looked more interesting than the original.

That’s not difficult.

Cars 2 opens this weekend; anyone planning to see it? It’s only 41% on the Tomatometer at the moment (49 reviews counted thus far). Could this be the first Pixar film to be certified “rotten”?

My workplace is renting a theatre for a private showing for employees and their families, but even for free I have no interest in this film. I never would have thought I’d feel this ambivalent towards a Pixar production. :(

It’s the first Pixar release since I left Disney - I’m not saying there’s a definitive connection there but I think the ratings speak for themselves…

I’ve got a free ticket that came with the Incredibles Blu Ray, and I feel much the same way. I liked the premise of the first film, unlike many, but felt the execution was mediocre. Cars was the first Pixar film I felt was a run-of-the-mill children’s film, with little appeal to adults. Nothing about the sequel looks like an improvement.

Well it is a sequel to their worst - critically speaking - film ever and that’s true by a large margin.

That said, I am pretty sure this and malaria are ultimately your fault.

That malaria thing was kind of a dick move, rowe.