Cascadia, For All Things Pacific Northwest

We got a lot of Cascadians here. Let’s have our own thread. We’ll even let Californians in, so long as they change their license plates quickly.

Nooooooooo. Beth’s is an institution. I’ve got my own special memories of going to this place at 1 in the morning and trying to eat a 12-egg omelet.

But then they have to drive by me first. I don’t need any more traffic on the I5 bridge.

Woohoo! I’m in.


I believe there is another state located somewhere in between Washington and California.

We don’t acknowledge them.

That’s because we are what you wish you still were.

Seattle is too corporate now, man.

Never has there been a thread with a harder mute than this one. Thank you, wumpus!

When I joined the forum, I definitely thought it was odd how many people here listed their location as Seattle, WA (back in the good old days of vBulletin — damn you, wumpus).

Okay, I’m out. I won’t be seeing you since you live in Seattle.

I thought the Seattle thread already exists?

I like that your link seems to go to an @ArmandoPenblade post in a donut thread.

Should be a Cascadia thread. For all of us living in the I-5 Corridor Megacity One (North sector).

This can be a thread for the inevitable separation of Cascadia from the Holy Capitalist States of Neo-America (sponsored by Carl’s Jr)

I blame discourse’s search function, but hey I’m ok with the result.

Just be careful which parts you take with you. You may end up with a Crimea/N. Ireland situation.

Oh, fine. Fixed.


I know right, the 4th Crimea - N. Ireland war was pretty hardcore. I heard someone’s doing a CMANO scenario for it, though. Anyway, yeah, the Great Inland Empire is not part of Cascadia. The mountains do nice job of keeping the Red State Rabble on their side of the playpen.


Also now gone, but the sign will live on in a museum.

I think Seattle started to die the day that the Twin TeePees closed shop… and then Chubby & Tubby (the best place in world to buy Chucky T’s)

Neat tale, comrade!

That’s the spirit, if we keep replying to him his mutes are worthless! That’s the kind of passive aggressive shit us Seattleites are known for!

That’s the spirit!

Look you really should just move out here. You’d do well, plus we don’t have the oppressive summer heat and humidity that I am sure is horrid with your mane.