Catch-all Europe isn't that great thread

I imagine most of this will be horrific freedom of speech issues… which this might partially qualify for.

I don’t see the problem. He is going to jail because he had hardware in his car installed with the sole purpose of jamming the speed measurers so they would not catch him speeding. And then he decided to be a jerk about it too by giving the cam the finger. As I understand it he is going to jail because of the jammer primarily, not because of the finger. Because he deliberately undertook steps to stop the police from detecting him committing a crime. And that’s what the perversion of justice is in this case.

Yup spot on. @ImaTarget

I will say survelliance in the UK is overly present though and makes me feel uncomfoirtable when I go home. It feels… very un-British for want of a better word.

He’s clearly a massive selfish cunt. Can afford a massive car and for some reason thinks he should be allowed to drive it as fast he likes with impunity. ACAB but this guy is worse.

Radar detectors and tinted covers for your license plate (primary purpose preventing cameras from snapping pics of your car ID) are illegal in a great many US states. Unless there’s more to this story this seems fairly typical.

I heard there used to be a lot of Nazis in Europe.

You don’t get 8 months in jail for them. You get a fine.

Commies too. Nothing good comes from Europe.

The EU is rotting from the inside since the consensus rules make it impossible to actually do anything about Poland and Hungary sliding into full-blown dictatorships. And this is what prompts a “Europe isn’t that great” thread…

Do you just get a fine for obstruction of justice? (Trying to destroy the evidence, in this case).

No because you aren’t destroying evidence anymore than you are “destroying” evidence by doing something in your house where the cops can’t see it. The max fine in, say, Texas is $500.

The guy threw the laser jammer into a river to try to hide it when he found out he was being investigated.


I’m getting tired of the implications here about Texas. This is a great state with some idiots who sometimes do really stupid things. They are the minority. It’s a very diverse state, with a wide range of political, religious, cultural, and other backgrounds and beliefs. To paint all of us with a brush that says TEXAS!!1! is at best ignorant and at worst the exact same behavior seen from the GOP at the moment.

I expect better here.

Now Floriduh, on the other hand…

I wasn’t implying anything about Texas, it just happened to be the first state I saw that had a relevant law so I looked it up.

I mean, I get what ya mean with painting with a broad brush, but. . .

The idiots don’t look like a minority, at the very least.

Yes, 4.6 vs 3.8 million. Plenty of uneducated bigots in the state, but also 3.8 million reasons not to lump us all in together. And those counties that are blue? Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and a whole lot of the valley. These are the areas with the highest population growth. Texas isn’t as red as that map seems to indicate, and is changing.

Latest polls show the race for senator between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke as too close to call. Things are improving. Give us some credit :)

No. You get to be president.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Hey the election map from Florida looks a whole lot better than the one up thread.

Everything about this whole story has been incomprehensible.

Very abridged TLDR version:

The 23-month-old boy has an incurable degenerative neurological condition. British doctors say further treatment is futile and he should be allowed to die. His parents, however, have fought for months to take him to a hospital in Italy, where he would be kept on life support.

The hospital withdrew Alfie’s his life support Monday after a series of court rulings sided with the doctors and blocked further medical treatment. Doctors say it is hard to estimate how long Alfie will live without life support, but that there is no chance he will get better.

On Wednesday the Court of Appeal rejected a new bid by the parents to take Alfie to the Vatican’s hospital in Rome.

Pope Francis has appealed for the wishes of the boy’s parent to be heeded, saying only God can decide who dies.

Italy put a military plane on standby to transport Alfie to Rome if the courts allowed it and granted the boy Italian citizenship to facilitate his arrival and transport.

Apparently in the UK a doctor trumps a parent in deciding if their kid gets to live or go someplace… or something.