Census worker hanged on 9/12, "FED" written on body

Headline pretty much sums it up for you. AP article. Fuck Glenn Beck.

“Our job is to determine if there was foul play involved — and that’s part of the investigation — and if there was foul play involved, whether that is related to his employment as a Census worker,”

Uh, you think he might’ve written “FED” on himself, then hung himself? I guess crazier things have happened. maybe.

This should be laid directly on Glen Beck’s doorstep. Fucking instigating asshole.

This clearly validates the position of many on this board that in no way was/is Glenn Beck advocating violence.

F E D on a dead man’s chest.
Yo Ho Ho and a kettle of tea!

How do you know ACORN agents didn’t murder this man, then plant him as “evidence” to implicate God-fearing real Americans?

That should be the intro to Glenn Beck’s show today.

“[David Keller, deputy director at the Appalachian High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force] remembers a time, as recent as the late 1990s, when it wasn’t safe to go into the Daniel Boone National Forest because growers placed traps or had armed workers watching their illegal crops.”

There could be more to the story.

So the growers watch Glenn Beck…

That’s what I’m saying! Illegal immigrant drug dealers, National Forest-loving environmental terrorists, lesbian bicyclists with unshaved legs; it could have been anyone.

Should we blame Harlan Drake on Glenn Beck, too? Just wondering…

Disgusting. I will be following this story closely. This is an example of taking politics far too seriously if it turns out that they were actually motivated by this nonsense.

I haven’t really followed the other thread. Why does Glenn Beck hate census workers?

Very disturbing story. I’m not going to jump to conclusions at this point about whether it was motivated by anti-government rage, but it sure seems possible. It was bound to happen sooner or later, though.

Remain calm.

I don’t know if he has specifically gotten on this conspiracy bandwagon, but the census is believed to be the tool of socialism, so that they can categorize all the people that will lose their guns and money when Obama declares martial law. Or something. The sad part is that all these welfare/medicaid/unemployment/VA/ex-military rednecks think the government somehow has no records on them.

Think gun registration writ large. Oh wait, apparently I’m a gun nut, so I believe all this.


Followup: It was in Clay County, which derives nearly half of its income from the growth and sale of pot, so there’s your reason.


All is well.

Seems more likely than the “hate crime” theory.

I always wondered what the hell census workers do when they knock on the door of a house and then realize the people inside are clearly cooking meth or something. Hopefully it’s a realization that doesn’t happen when they’re face-to-face with the resident.

What an odd thing to add to the story.

If it was some local pot grower, this seems like a terrible idea. They left the guy’s computer, so there’s no mystery about who he’d visited that day, or what scheduled to visit later that day. I fully support the legalization of marijuana, but I can suspend that for the few minutes it takes me to hope that they can put together enough evidence to come down on these people like the mailed fist of God.

I can’t imagine the last moments of some poor son of a bitch who was a substitute teacher and a part time census taker for the money who suddenly finds himself taking the rap for a vast, nonexistant government conspiracy.