CG Online site?

Is CG Online having technical issues? I first saw a page that said something about Computer Games Offline – temporarily down and now I can’t get anything. I miss Matthew Gallant’s goofy news.

It’s down due to a server move. It should be up in a day or so.

Ditto. First site I’ve added to my regular rotation in ages.

Of course Florida hurricanes may impact the move…

Simply unacceptable. You guys should’ve planned for such acts of God.

I think the server floats. Does that count?

Heh, close enough.

It’s back up.

The RSS feed is still down.

I want to believe.

Hey, what happened to this? One day it’s interesting, offbeat news, the next day it’s dime-a-dozen console reviews and cut-and-paste press releases by some other guys! What happened?

Dunno, but I’ve de-bookmarked it, 'cause there’s no point reading it now.

yeah, overnight it went from decent reading to total garbage. steve, there is some feedback for you.

Ditto. I hate it now. :(

This sucks. The only Matt Gallant article on the frontpage is at the very bottom. De-bookmarked indeed.

I’m sorry guys-- all I can say is this isn’t like Kotaku where the boss just didn’t get it. There’s just too much distraction in my life right now to provide the quality and amount of output the site needs. Steve doesn’t deserve any of your ire, none at all. The real root cause is a pretty outrageous story, and when I can safely go public with it I think you’ll understand.

Wtf now we wanna know.

My guess is he made some angry, that somewhat complained to the ownership muckity-mucks and off goes your head.

— Alan

No, it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone at CGM or its owners.