Chinese Democracy Finished

I’d come to believe we’d never see this day, but apparently the album is finished and has been turned over to Geffen. I’ll be picking this up day one, though I don’t actually expect it to be any good.

Jesus, what’s next, Duke Nukem Forever?

Sweet – This also means that we all get a free Dr Pepper.

Where’s Dirt? Chinese democracy was finished decades ago.

Oh, wrong forum, sorry.

Nothing on the GnR site, or the Geffen site (or Rolling Stone, or CNN). Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but I’m very skeptical. I’ll probably pick this one up just to see what all the fuss is about, but still cross my fingers that (Axl + new album) + (Velvet Revolver - singer) = Welcome to the motherfucking jungle, baby!!!

Axl’s new mug still freaks me out.

Interesting if true. I loved Guns ‘n’ Roses back in the day, and Axl is a real talent in the final analysis. I hope some good music comes out of his epochal agon.

Unless your name is Slash or Buckethead!

I heard it was completed last summer.

Axl has said he will share his Dr. Pepper with them.

I’ll be getting this day 1 as well, but I am a GnR fan boy.

Does this mean that Chinese Democracy = JUSTICE?

I will vouch for this to be fact. He plays Guns N Roses so much, he has caused the whole population of Fort Worth to hate GnR.

I’d buy it just because Bumblefoot is on it. He’s still on it, right?

The album is now scheduled for release on November 23rd, thus ending one of music’s legendary vaporware streaks.

And free Dr. Pepper for all!{30944E42-06B0-48C8-A6F2-118E65426A7B}&dist=hppr

Oh shit, I gotta remember to do that. That’s too funny to pass up.

holy crap, their stock market symbol is DPS :D

FWIW I caught the first single from the album on the radio this morning. I’m not sure how the overall music will work, but Axl managed to whip his voice back into shape (with much studio help I’m sure) compared to that horrible MTV appearance a few years back. The single (I believe it’s actually titled “Chinese Democracy”) wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t an instant classic either. Much will depend on who was doing the lion’s share of the song-writing way back when and if that who happened to be Axl I guess.

The song on RB2 is from Chinese Democracy, right? If so, that’s a good sign.