Chocolate milk!


…is good. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm




I use Hershey’s chocolate syrup in whole milk when I do get a craving. It’s so thick, the glass remains coated until I wash it.


You are correct, sir!

I used to sprinkle that shit on ice cream when I was a wee tot.

And one of the yummiest random concoctions middle-school-me ever devised consisted of a big blob of Cool Whip mixed with a mound of graham cracker crumbs and another mound of powdered Nestle Quik. STIR & EAT. It was basically pre-masticated chocolate mousse pie.


I used to make the same thing, only with Ovaltine. Which I also ate by the spoon.



yahi yahi so good.


It’s not just good, it’s the best!


Had a chocolate milk this morning. Delicious!


Best combo? Chocolate milk and a PBJ.


We have a local dairy that puts out fantastic milk. Their chocolate milk is almost like having a milk-shake.


Chocolate Milk is dangerous to me.
Every time I have it, I can’t stop.
Last time we went to a Bonanza (where they had free refills of the stuff), I must have drank 10 glasses before the steaks even arrived. I was so full, I couldn’t take one bite of the steak. Amazingly, I didn’t get sick. When we left, my stomach was literally sloshing as I walked.
I think that was in the 1990’s.
I was peeing like a race horse for a while after that.


As a child I liked chocolate milk and an american cheese sandwich. The combination of the yellow mustard and the milk was great.


Me too man. Me too.


One of NZ’s boutique chocolate milks:
Only had it once as I’m pretty sure I could feel my artery walls thickening as I drank it…


Huh! I came here to talk about some local dairy stuff that comes in a bottle that looks exactly like that. And it’s also like having a milkshake. It is hands down the most amazing chocolate milk I’ve ever had. Maybe one company uses local dairies across the country to put this stuff into local grocery stores? Or maybe lots of small dairies use those same bottles. I dunno, but if you see some stuff that looks like this, do yourself a favor and pick some up! Also don’t read the nutritional label :D


I’ve never seen such a bottle as this, but I’ll be on the lookout now.


My wife just got me some Fairlife chocolate milk and it was amazing. Was just in the local store.


This is good stuff too.

Sadly, chocolate milk is really bad for me. I have to watch my sugar and carb intake. If I have any it really needs to be either before or right after I have a serious workout. At least I have my memories…


Funny that this thread just came up. I bought some fancy chocolate milk at the grocery store the other day and I haven’t broken into it yet.