City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

Ooh, it runs on Linux. Wishlisted.

A game worth writing a guide for is a game worth playing! Wishlisted! Thanks!

I was disappointed that his was the ONLY guide there. It was a good guide though!

I’ll be writing a few more guides once I complete the game. I do this for games I really like so when I play them again down the road I can have a jump start from all my wisdom the first time I played it.

While @Tman is doing fine work, this is also pretty helpful.


Thank you! I stumbled upon that at one point and then couldn’t find it again.

I can see that some of the negative reviews brings up the exact point you wrote to address.

Anyone playing Industries of Titan? I see on the Epic Game Store they just released Update #2 in EA.

So I completed campaign 11 on the Colonists. I don’t think I’m up for the last several battle missions. They are pretty tedious (up until now) and not sure there is any drastic change for the last few missions unless anyone can convince me otherwise.

For the record, battles are fairly easy to win. You just spam forestry + lumberjacks, get to L2 as fast as you can and upgrade arrows from there on out. You need to have tons of logs to take over / repair watchtowers that you capture.

On the last campaign #11, I did get 26 on the leaderboard - on my 2nd playthrough, so my best showing to date. It does get really tedious in watching all your ports / roads for jams and clearing them out quickly.

Epic sale is on now, and this is robc’s fault:

  • Colonists
  • Anno 1800

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Only buying one, which to buy?

You know how I voted :-)

Now, I liked messing around with Anno 1800 when UPlay had it’s free trial of it’s game pass thing. I played a bunch of the campaign and maybe played some random map (don’t recall). I’m just not a huge fan of the formula. It’s a little too…clean? They both share the same basic principles. Harvest a resource, turn it into something better through some production building and use it to keep people fed / happy / build something. They both have higher tier citizens that require another resource (Anno’s is a bit more involved).

Anno maybe makes the player make efficient use of space, but with the teleporting goods through warehouses it doesn’t require the player to make efficient transportation of that resource and that makes it a bit too simple / uninteresting. That’s not to say Anno is always easy. It can be a bear to squeeze something in or have enough space to produce the resource on the island with all your houses on it. It’s just a problem I find a bit more tedious and less interesting to solve - start bulldozing, moving production to another island, ship the resource over, etc…

Anno is gorgeous to look at though, especially those fields of wheat. There are probably more things to build and maybe things to fiddle with. I find the AI personalities annoying, along with the campaign story, but playing vs the AI can make the game more interesting. I think The Colonists may have an AI opponent but I’m not sure.

It’s also possible that one may tire of The Colonists before Anno. I tend not to play this genre into the ground so it’s not a big issue for me.

I am still thinking about why I don’t consider both games to be in the same boat. Maybe it comes down to the kind of core decisions that are to make.

The campaign in Anno has alyways been a lengthy and tedious tutorial. I would add.

That’s because that really isn’t what Anno is about. It’s a grand scale city builder about effectively spending and organizing resources (time and land are important here) and balancing the citizen classes along it.
In The Colonists I’d ask myself how to setup a flawlessly working supply chain network whereas in Anno it’s never a question of how to get stuff from A to B.
In Anno I’d ask myself stuff like… when to expand/seek new land, which islands to take, in what order, what role can they play, how to deal with missing seeds, will I be playing aggressively of friendly, whom to befriend, what funds will I need, etc. That’s a kind of a grand scale city builder and with it come different questions and a focus on different decisions to make.

Yeah, The Colonists is from the Settlers school, whereas Anno is more of a mostly walker-less Impressions game. They’re doing very different things.The optimisation in Anno is about land use (ie production/city layouts) and inter-island trade routes, not about courier logistics.

There’s also a thread of Anno that’s about just making a pretty city. Not all players pursue that, of course, but there’s a whole section of “ornaments” that have no gameplay* effect, so it’s definitely something the game is built for. So if you really like looking at your creation and tweaking it visually, I recommend Anno (though I haven’t played Colonists, but it’s on my list).

*Technically in the latest iteration they give a small (nearly-trivial) amount of beauty points, so there is some gameplay effect, but they’re not really worth building unless you like the aesthetics.

I should like 1800 but really i prefer 2201, despite the latter feeling very much like a “B” level game and 1800 much closer to an “A” in quality.

2201 runs much better, doesn’t really have fussy workers, and just is more interesting in lots of ways.

I assume you mean 2205, @Enidigm. Ultimate Edition is on sale for $12.50 on Epic, so I’m thinking I will pull the trigger (pretty sure I don’t own it anywhere else, but I’m going to check first anyway). I did watch some videos of that when it came out and it seemed like a solid city builder. Plus who doesn’t like building space colonies?

2+2+0+1 does not equal 9. :(

I saw your post before your edit, lordkosc. It will be our little secret. ;)

I typed too fast! And maths! :P

You know i wrote that before my coffee, and 2+2+1 =5, and 2+2+5 = 9! I really was thinking about the 9 thing. Yes, i’m not entirely awake.

My only complaint about 2205 is that it had this combat stuff and this stuff is bad, because it’s both silly and takes way too long. There’s also some kind of off world space station in some expansion and tbh i’ve never figured out how it even works at all, i mean i can’t even interact with it or do whatever it wants for me to trigger it. I build rocket pads and recruit astronauts and nothing happens.