City Builder / Colony Manager General Discussion Thread

I don’t see a separate thread for Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic so I will post this here. They are going to release a Ukraine DLC at some point with all revenue going to support Ukraine.

Build a city across three layers of a mountain where three castes of citizens live. This looks pretty smartly done. Slick trailer, too.

I’m looking at the Simcity 4 system requirements. The game is 20 years old next year.

  • CPU : Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
  • CPU SPEED : 500 MHz
  • RAM : 128 MB (256 MB for Windows XP/ME)
  • OS : Windows 98/2000/XP (NT & 95 not supported)
  • VIDEO CARD : Direct3D 32 MB DirectX 7 capable video card

I’d pay for a modern day remaster. Keep it 2D. They had to do the regions-divided-by-smaller-sections because 2003 era computers didn’t have a lot of memory, but you could probably make the entire region playable with a modern system.


Sim City reboot is 10 years old next year!

I also would like a really good SimCity 4 reboot. No 3d necessary, I just want a complicated and challenging city builder that grows to ridiculous scale. City Skylines was a big disappointment, despite being pleasant looking.

There have been some attempts at this but really nothing has come close to the awesomeness of SC4.

Yeah. That would be so cool. SC4 with updated textures, some new features.

I enjoyed what I saw of the game in this preview stream.

1.0 is out now. I read a lot of buzz on RPS and Eurogamer about the game, and that is a sort of forever-game.

I played it awhile when it came out in Early Access and will surely get back to it one of these days. Very worth a buy at $10.

Very enjoyable game after a hard mental day of work.

RPS likes it

I was waiting for this to release, as they said they wanted to add full controller (and Steam Deck) support. Looks that didn’t materialise. :(

It’s still listed as in-progress on their roadmap, so hopefully soon? I think that’s when I’ll go back because this seems like the perfect game to stream to my iPad to play on the couch with a controller.

Yeah I’ll buy if/when it’s added. Seems a nice relaxing big screen couch game!

I love Dorfromantik and have played a zillion hours of it. Given the nature of this thread, though, folks should be aware that, like Islanders or Carcassonne, it’s not a simulation with needs, income, etc. Rather it’s a puzzle game where you place tiles in order to get as high a score as you can.

Cool been waiting for this one to officially release.

What? Is any of that really possible? From what device are you streaming?

Very much so possible via the Steam Link app from a PC running Steam on the same network.

I also sometimes stream from my PS5 via the PS app.

Both are very straightforward to get set up and I use a PS4 controller for both. Although Steam Link games can require some resolution fiddling.

Beta gameplay of Sweet Transit.