Civilization VI


I think it depends on how seriously you want to play. It’s fun but if you think about it too much and actually try to optimize it kind of falls apart.


I liked V despite its issues. I hate VI.


There’s also a mod for V, Vox Populai or something like that, which purportedly makes it a much better game.


I think that’s exactly what irked me, all of these extra fiddly systems but the devs not bothering to program an AI that even has a basic understanding of said systems.


I thought we only hated Civ V at launch.


Yeah, I hated V at launch. Eventually I think I played it more than IV and I like it just fine now. That’s why I decided not to buy VI until all the expansions were out and people said it was okay to play now.

Still waiting.


Vox Populi is excellent, for the most part. Does change the game a bit, but I prefer it to vanilla. We discussed it quite a bit in the Civ V thread.


Is there anything else that you prefer to Vox Populi?


Vox Populi is my go-to Civ5 mod as well. I loathed Civ5 mostly for the trainwreck of an AI, but VP addresses that pretty well and lets me enjoy the other aspects of the game more.

If Firaxis is going to chop their games off at the knees by not putting an effort into AI, I really wish they’d just pull their heads out of their asses over the modding tools. As can be demonstrated by basically every other strategy game in existence that supports them, mods add value, they don’t detract from DLC sales.


I haven’t really messed around with mods other than VP, no


They’re teasing something.




Tornados now. Must be natural disasters. How exciting. /s


new expansion called ‘Gathering Storms’ to be released feb 14, 2019 focusing on warfare/diplomacy

thats the most logical thing I read today



Seems to be focused on natural disasters though if you watch the live feed. And someone on Reddit looked at the webpage code and it mentions Vesuvius.

It would be nice if you’re right, but their advertising direction doesn’t make me hopeful.

Edit: of course natural distasters would be the more flashy feature to advertise, so the other stuff will be mentioned later. Just feels like 2K desperately want to be Paradox here.


It’ll be a nice new expansion to play when you’re eating alone on Valentines Day.


I still haven’t picked up the first expansion for Civ VI. More stuff is good, I guess. It took some expansions for Civ V to hit its stride. However, and I know this is an incredibly obnoxious position, this really turns me even more off picking up Civ VI on the Switch since it does not include all the DLC and the first expansion.

When you launch on a new platform, I think you should release a complete edition of what has been released, like Blizzard did with Diablo. Not having the expansions and releasing another, new expansion a quarter of the year later just triggers my feeling of being nickle-and-dime’d.

I guess that’s my spoiled brat regurgitation for the day :)


World Congress, resource wars (for oil), choice between world-destroying energy production or eco-friendly policies.


Another game with a February release date, oddly enough this one lands on the 14th. Why must publishers insist on packing everything into February in 2019. Stop it, I literally cannot buy all the games!

We shall see how in plays out in practice but everything I’ve read so far seems interesting to me. Additionally, they’re adding stuff like canals to the game, so that certainly peaks my curiosity.


Stuff I noted from the stream (some already mentioned):

  • Central theme is climate change and renewable resources
  • Return of the World Congress from Civ V, but changed
  • New resource: Diplomatic Favor
  • New victory condition: Diplomatic
  • New randomized future era
  • Every civ has four different “jersey” colors
  • Rivers, volcanoes, etc. can be named
  • Dynamic yields (due to disasters) for tiles
  • New tile features
  • New World Climate screen
  • Updated map generation
  • Three new Governments
  • “Took a hard look” at Warmongering and Agenda systems
  • Added build queues, as well as master build queue screen
  • Hall of Fame added
  • New civs, of course

Rise & Fall was $30, this one’s $40. Still a Day 1 buy for me!