College Football 2017


The other thing to remember is that Harbaugh’s offense isn’t conducive to a freshman qb coming in and starting. Even Andrew Luck needed a redshirt year before he was ready to start.

I think they’ve actually overachieved relative to their talent under Harbaugh. They also got jobbed last year against tOSU.


VolTwitter is pretty hilarious right now with the rumors that Greg Schiano is about to be hired…

Also, Mizzou’s trail of tears in November:

-McElwain at UF
-Butch Davis at UT
-Bret Bielema at Arky…

Can’t spell Mizzou head coach Barry Odom’s name without DOOM.


Now there’s typical Michigan fan trolling.:)


You’ve got to wonder exactly what Bret Bielema accomplished at Arkansas that would make anyone thing of him as a coaching solution.


Really? Because I just saw a rumor that they have offered Gruden 10 million per year



I love the endless speculation that goes on during college football’s coaching carousel. So much drama! Most of it poorly sourced (e.g., articles citing fan forums and random people’s twitter accounts)!

With Florida (allegedly) going with Dan Mullen, I wonder if this sets up Scott Frost to make a triumphant return to Nebraska, possibly bringing Nebraska back to national prominence? I doubt the latter part, but Frost in Nebraska could be fun. I loved those Nebraska teams in the ‘90s with the option offense, but those days are long gone. I’m not sure if Frost is a great coach or not, but UCF has done well under him and their game against USF was easily the season’s best. Schiano did some impressive things with Rutgers back in the day, but I believe he had some player abuse allegations which is probably not the best look for Tennessee coming off the Butch Jones era.

Nebraska and Tennessee are almost mirror images of each other: both elite in the ‘90s through early 2000s, followed by a long period of mediocrity (or worse in Tennessee’s case), both have recruiting issues since neither are in talent-rich areas (doubly so for Nebraska since at least Tennessee’s close to Georgia and Florida), both have rampant (or toxic) fanbases that feel they deserve more, and so on. Even though Tennessee has more money and resources, Nebraska seems more likely to return to something close to what they were, but I doubt either compete consistently at an elite level again. Especially since doing so would require them to win conference championship games against teams from a stronger division.

The number of truly elite college football teams has shrunk considerably in the past decade or so, maybe to fewer than a dozen. Nebraska and Tennessee have illustrious histories and lots of money (less so in Nebraska’s case), but that’s not enough anymore. Tennessee fans might be disappointed with the Schiano hire, but UTenn is not the kind of program that can make homerun hires these days. Realistically, who else is left that fits that descriptor and would opt for Tennessee over Florida, or maybe even over Texas A&M? (For the record, I don’t buy Gruden as a college coach for a second and am flummoxed at the obsession with him. They’re probably better off with Schiano, even if he is a sleaze. I am also skeptical of Chip Kelly at UCLA, but less so since at least he’s coached in the past decade.)


Holy Shit, Tennessee really is going with Schiano. I think the fan base would be happier with taking Kiffie back than Schiano.


UCLA and the pac 12,actually. Do like Harbaugh however - the what’s your deal game when he ran up the score on the professional at that, Pete Carroll cinched that for me.



The most liked reply on that tweet is amazing (the “Are they rejecting him as the next Tennessee coach or suggesting he run for office in Alabama?” one).


Frost’s agent apparently has already told Florida that his client is going to be accepting an offer from the Bugeaters.



When your Alma Mater needs you. …


Gators pry Dan Mullen loose from Hail State.


BTW, the Aggies fired Kevin Sumlin today.

Sumlin’s buyout is $10.4m, and must be paid in full within 60 days of his termination. It isn’t reduced in any fashion if he accepts another job in that time frame.

(Kevin Sumlin’s agent is a badass.)


Cold. Ice cold. I laughed.


Supposedly the top candidate at ASU.


That’s a good landing spot for him. A&M persists under the delusion that they should be winning SEC titles every year and that RC Slocum is their coach and it’s 1992. As @Dissensus mentioned, a lot of unrealistic expectations in play there.


My mother-in-law really wanted Florida to hire Dan Mullen, so that’s good, I guess.