College Football 2018


So that makes this a pretty nicer finder’s fee for Temple then? Good on 'em, though they’re back to looking for a coach again. Probably will be crying all the way to the bank though.


Oh, man. One part of the Diaz thing I didn’t think of. Temple named him coach on December 13th. NLI early signing period went from December 19th - December 21st. A lot of kids signed binding LOIs to Temple, thinking Manny Diaz was their coach, and now he’s gone back to Miami.


Makes the argument fairly well I think.


Behold the wonderous thing that is Manny Diaz’s twitter feed. He has not changed this post, nor posted an update. This post is still live as I write this. The reaction of Temple fans is worth the read.


When you have the benefit of hindsight it usually does. Give me the benefit of hindsight and Ill be right 100% of the time. Sadly, the committee doesn’t get the benefit of hindsight when making their decision. They have to work with the regular season in mind. Georgia just lost their previous game to Alabama and had 2 losses. There is no rationale that supports putting them in over ND, except for hindsight. And OSU was less than impressive all season with the exception of the U of M game and avoided a second loss against PSU through sheer luck. OSU got bypassed by Oklahoma because of that, why should they have been given the nod over ND? And even if they did put OSU in, they could have easily been thumped just as bad as ND was. Then we would be having this argument for ND instead of against them. Using hindsight as the basis of an argument doesn’t make the argument good, its a cheap way to pretend like you have some kind of insight. I am not a ND fan, quite the opposite actually but I see no logic that supports leaving ND out this season.


This article makes a dumb argument because it ignores the entire reason why the bowl system exists - to make the conferences money. There is zero chance any system that may consistently leave out undefeated P5 teams + ND will be implemented.


I really don’t care one way or another who gets in or not, but I think the point of the article was that you either have a season structure like the pros where you don’t have any arguments because it’s all determined by teams playing roughly similar schedules over many games and letting the math decide, or you have people who look at the subjective and qualitative factors about team performance and pick the teams that are by consensus actually the best that year. What we have instead is a half-assed blend of the two systems that doesn’t work on either the mechanical or the subjective level.

The whole going undefeated thing has been an issue since at least the early seventies. Going undefeated only matters if the competition was equivalent to that faced by the other teams, and in college ball the schedules of different teams are usually wildly divergent. Going undefeated would be worth something if they actually made the good teams play each other regularly, too, something the current conference structure simply avoids like the plague. Like Ex-SWoo says, it’s all about the money. Trying to defend the current system on any other basis than that it makes money for the schools involved is somewhat disingenuous I think.


Dont confuse my discussion of the playoff structure as it exists, as approval of it. I think it is very flawed and needs to be changed. I believe a lot of issues could be solved by expanding the playoffs to 8 teams. Sure you would still get blow outs but you would also get upsets and more nationwide interest in the games. The NCAA has a serious issue with competitive imbalance. They would need to make a major overhaul in how recruiting is handled and how scheduling is handled in the regular season, in order to fix it. We have this half assed system because they are not and probably never will be willing to make those kinds of changes. So we are likely stuck with a crappy system.


You rarely see one school stand in the way of another school (at least one considered a step up) from getting a coach they want, even if they have him under contract.


Well, I think you could easily argue that going to 8 teams would increase TV money and make schools more money, but they have fought every expansion.


Interesting point. I suspect they figure there is some value to maintaining at least a modicum of connection to the traditional past, in terms of engaging the old school college football fans, or something.

Really, what killed NCAA Division I athletics for me was teaching, as a professor, at a Div I school and dealing with all the stuff that went on. Sort of countered a lifetime up to then of being a fan.


Well I think the Bowl system has fought the playoff system. Bowls like the Rose Bowl.


The Rose Bowl is pretty much the only reason to keep the bowl system.

And yes, it’s a big deal (to me at least)- if I could only watch one football game a year, it’s the Rose Bowl.

Over the Alma Mater (including the 'SC game) , the National Championship, the Super Bowl, etc.

IMHO, the Rose Bowl is football atmosphere perfection, and usually a dramatic game - heightened by the atmosphere, of course.

The way the game starts with pageantry and in the bright sun as the teams start to feel one another out, and then, as the sun starts to go down and the lights go on the lighting changes subtly to highlight everything differently as the game gets more serious and desperate, until by the end the initial atmosphere of pageantry and celebration has become one where every play matters and is heightened by the atmosphere.

And it doesn’t work at a different time, and definitely not another venue.


The challenge is that any expansion will likely require a longer season unless they are willing to reduce the length of the regular season, which is guaranteed $$$ for the schools.

They can’t extend the season past early Jan w/o risking some scheduling difficulties to winter training and would need explicit NCAA approval to boot


Same, but happened to me as a TA. Did you know that some universities take college hockey very seriously?


That’s not a challenge its an excuse, especially for an 8 team set up. They could easily work it out within the current bowl structure without extending the season or cutting the regular season. They have like 60 bowl games now. The logistics are not complicated at all. The reason they do not is because powerful people with lots of money make major bank off the system as it is and they do not want to see it changed.


Heh, oh yeah. Though I’m from the South, where hockey was, shall we say, totally unknown in college, I’ve been living in Vermont for the past 20+ years, and yeah, hockey at all levels is like football was in Georgia.




Holgorson left West Virginia for… Houston?

Very strange.


Well, any argument for Georgia being in the championship over ND or OU went out the window with the loss to Texas. Though I wonder if the team was just demotivated and phoned it in.