Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!






You are next, CraigM.


Sorry for the delay. Got a movie, getting screens now.


Here is the 20:20


Memories of Murder?


Nope, the 40:40


No guesses? I’ll post another this evening perhaps, if I don’t get any action.


So I just watched this one. Ok, perhaps watch is a generous term. I saw like 1/4 of the first hour, and 3/4 of the second. My wife watched it, and I was mostly in and out doing chores.

As soon as I saw the cryo pods I knew exactly what kind of movie this was going to be. I doubt I go back and watch the parts I missed.

Yes I basically am just bumping the thread. Mostly because I’m not going to post another frame until the morning because I don’t want to rush and therefore lose ;)


No kidding! That end was the biggest non-shocker in the world. Plus, who the hell decided to install a window in the cryo chamber?!? Also, way too much Noomi in this one. Pretty bonkers final hour, though.


What the fuck just happened?

[edit: Never mind. I thought that @CraigM was talking about the movie he is currently posting, since the previous post was him saying he was going to post another frame in the evening. Then he went on this weird tangent about how he actually hadn’t seen the movie because he was doing chores and wasn’t going to post another frame from the movie until the morning anyway.

And then Kemper jumps in without a guess about this movie that CraigM hasn’t even seen! What the fuck!

But then I see the little thing in the right hand corner that says this is actually a reply to Tom’s post about a totally different movie two movies up! So, do I blame Discourse? Or do I say, “Gee. How about including a quote from the post you’re replying to, Craig?” Ugh. I guess I’ll just blame myself for not checking each and every post to make sure if it’s a reply to someone before I read it. I don’t want replies nested, but there’s got to be a better way.]



The thing I hate the most is that a ‘personal’ reply is not noted if it refers to the post immediately preceding it. Very irritating.

…and sorry for the derail, but ‘…Monday’ is not worthy of its own thread.


Yes, sorry for the confusion there @ChristienMurawski. It is, as @Kemper_Boyd noted, a film unworthy of its own dedicated thread. Mostly yesterday I was away from my computer until the evening at which point the forum was dead silent since everyone was watching Game of Thrones. So I decided to punt on putting another screen.

Anyhow here is the 60:60, and I really hope to get some guesses! I didn’t think it would be this hard, considering how quickly you all pull movies I’ve never even heard of ;)


The most important principle from “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman is this (and I quote):

“When you have trouble with things – whether it’s figuring out whether to push or pull a door or the arbitrary vagaries of the modern computer and electronics industry – it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself: blame the designer. It’s the fault of the technology, or, more precisely, of the design.”

So no, don’t blame yourself.


So the 60:60 has been up for 8 hours, and no guesses. @sinnick I was getting excited that you had guessed!

Now I’m sad. My unloved frames get no guesses.


Uhh, well, it kinda looks like Jackie Chan in the 40:40 so … Who Am I?


Excellent guess, though that is not Jackie Chan.


I’m pretty sure it’s not that, but Romeo Must Die?


It is not, and I’ve not seen that one either. Though I did rewatch another Jet Li film recently. If you haven’t, give Hero a look. I love the color work in it.


Hero is one of my favorite movies ever. I’m not even a big fan of Jet Li, but I love that movie.


Ok, we’re at the 80:80 and I am fast running out of frames.

The next, and last, frame does finally have a great view of the lead actor’s face.


The Protector 2, eh?