Comet Neowise

Has anyone tried to watch this comet? I just read about it and would like to see it. I guess we have August to get a glimpse.

I have, but it’s actually been kind of cloudy here the past couple of nights. I didn’t hear about it until very recently, so I didn’t have any opportunity to see it in the morning, when I actually would have been up anyway. Bummer.

Not visible from Brazil, alas. I’d love to be able to see it, even more with the clear skies so common in this time of the year down here.

I tried to find it last night but was no successful. I live in the Greater Toronto Area, and light pollution is a real problem. From what I read, dark skies are needed to see it unaided. I saw Hale-Bopp when it was around and it was a marvellous sight.

Guess I know what I am doing with the kids tonight

Yeah, I was fortunate enough to see Hale-Bopp while on a fishing trip a hundred miles from any city lights. We were on a big lake, and had a big sky. It was really wonderful. The only downside was that none of us had thought to bring binoculars, let alone a telescope.

Where I am, looks like Neowise will be visible after sunset for the next… week or so? Heading into a new moon, too, which should help. The thunderstorms in the forecast won’t, however.

I can see it tonight in Washington. Not terribly distinct, but definitely there.

Tried to see it last night. We’re slightly out in the country and our subdivision isn’t complete so there is a good view of the night sky. But there was some far away clouds and by the time the comet would have been visible due to the sun going down it was presumably behind the clouds and/or a slight hill I have to look over. Booo. I’ll try again tonight if the sky is clearer.

Managed to get it in my binoculars two nights ago (and my camera) - not a smudge but a proper comet!

That’s awesome!

Great work! I went looking last night but alas, the only clouds in the baked sky were directly where the comet lay.


Sweet! If I have now clouds on the horizon tonight I may take my camera since it has better zoom than even my little handheld birdwatching binoculars.

Yeah, I have to leave my neighborhood since the trees are too tall in my cul de sac, but sleeping kids meant I missed it. Have a spot picked for to ight

Nice. Considering the weather here that may be the only look I get.

What direction should we be looking for people in GTA?

It is supposed to be visible in the evening below the bowl of the Big Dipper.

In the northern hemisphere you want to go out after sunset, find the big dipper, and then look down from there towards the horizon. I estimate if you take the length of the big dipper, and go that far down - that’s the right spot.

In the suburbs of NYC its binocular only (but easily found in binoculars), but I imagine in dark skies its easily a naked eye object!

Brought my widefield scope to the beach, my tripod, my binoculars and my kids. Managed to spot the comet in the twilight… and by the time I handed the binoculars to my oldest the clouds had moved in and covered the comet. We waited 30 minutes and it only got worse.


Stupid clouds.

Great weather! Here’s the best I could do. Didn’t have a tripod at first so it’s not the best pic. Once we got a small tripod I couldn’t find the damned thing even though it was darker!?

Did see the ISS go right overhead. It was awesome!!!