Company of Heroes 3: mamma mia, we Total War now!

I don’t recall them ever doing that in CoH. Maybe at some point they did in CoH2, but I don’t remember it.

“The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will now be performing offensive behaviors more often on difficulties above standard and easy. Expect to see the AI sending companies into player territory, recapturing towns and attacking player companies.”

So… you have to play on Hard to even start having an AI that attacks you?

Big ol’ balance patch

Really glad to see ATGs get a buff, and the auto reverse thing was definitely needed.

Are these balance patches meant mostly for multiplayer or do they affect the single player campaign/missions as well?

EDIT: Wonder how well this would run on my machine. At 62 my reflexes kinda suck for RTS (the first ones came out in my 30s) as it is, so multiplayer is out, but I’m interested in single player and might bight if my i7 6700 CPU and 16 GB of RAM can handle it. Less concerned about my graphics card (a 3060 Ti).

I assume they affect the campaign but they’re definitely tuned for MP.

Layoffs at Relic.

Yeah, difficult for the people who are no longer in the team.

I love that “This patch is too far along in development to change any of its priorities” is a normal thing to say.

I picked this up for Xbox when it released earlier this week. I wasn’t altogether sure how well it would work, but it actually plays surprisingly well on console.

As for the game itself, I’ve only been playing Skirmish. I played a lot of the original COH, but almost no COH2. So far no complaints, it plays exactly like COH as I remember it (granted I haven’t played in years). I don’t get where all the hate (as evidenced by Steam score) comes from.

What’s the current state of the Italy campaign? I noticed it’s on the list for improvements in the next major patch. Is it worth trying now or should I wait on that?

As long as it plays similarly to the original COH I’ll be happy. For some reason I couldn’t get into COH2.

Most of the hate seems to come from CoH 2 players.

I think some changes are already in, but might as well wait.

One thing that annoyed me to death about CoH2 single-player is not being able to save mid-mission without the stupid game making me quit to the main menu. Maybe that was only for the Ardennes Offensive DLC but I think it also applied to the Eastern Front main campaign.

Or am I mistaken about that last part? CoH 1 let me save mid mission in any single-player mode without kicking me to the main menu (which I hate generally-- I suppose there’s a reason for it besides “making you eat your vegetables” by not save-scumming or something like that, but I don’t have to like it).

Please tell me that CoH 3 doesn’t make me do that.

There have been some concerns about the game being zoomed-in too much, and about the AI, but I do not know what if any work has been done on those issues.

I wish the games were zoomed out like Close Combat. I hate the close in zoom…cant ever play them that way.

The zoom is specifically being addressed in the imminent update. There are also mods for it. Personally I find it fine as is.