Company of Heroes 3: mamma mia, we Total War now!

This is true, there are similarities. I should have provided more depth to my comment ;) I was looking at it from a cover based system compared to AoE and smaller more intimate (if i can call them that) unit compared to more grandiose of AoE. That alone differentiates the two for me. I enjoy both games but just see them differently. ;)

From what I’ve watched, I agree with @whispa. It looks like typical CoH to me. So if someone likes CoH gameplay they will probably like it. I’ve always been partial to AoE2, Rise of Nations, and the original Starcraft. I seem to like those more than games that are heavy with unit ability (casting?) micro. So I never was into War3 as much as Starcraft, and I preferred the original Dawn of War over the latter games and CoH.

I’m sure I will still end up with this. :)

Quoted for mf truth.

Yes, I can see that as well. I am a big RTS fan. Loved them since Dune 2 but there are different flavors of RTS. DoW1 and DoW2 is a very good example. I prefer DoW2 over DoW1 but love both for what they are. I just take a different approach to the two. DoW3 leaned way too much away for my tastes. Sorry for the misdirect of this thread.

This is me, other than the “top” part obviously. The RTS part plays a lot more like CoH than CoH 2, so I’m happy. Yes, it doesn’t look as good as it might (I’m comfortably into three figures FPS at max settings so it’s clearly not very taxing visually) but it mostly looks fine, and this means I can play largely old school CoH online again with new factions and a bit of modern polish and QoL.

No problems here. I’m always happy to discuss. I think more than it being a like thing, it is probably more of a “I suck” at those style of RTS games more than the others, though the delta on the my sucking at them is probably not that great. :)

IIRC, people had the same reaction to CoH2 when it came out - graphics and game weren’t that much different than the first one.

Which is fine! My comment’s only goal was to say that this isn’t the usual (well, usual as of late, alas) brigading over issues not directly related to the game, or technical issues. Some people will love CoH3 because it’s more CoH. Some people will be disappointed because they expected more. And none of those are necessarily wrong.

It is a slightly weird complaint when there have been several open alphas/betas. It’s not like the game is a surprise. The fundamental nature of the game has been known for a year.

Then again, I’ve been reading comments on the Settlers Reddit from people who claim to have bought it not knowing what a shitshow it was. Don’t know why people don’t do even a tiny bit of research before buying things, but there you go.

The game seems to be quite solid; I didn’t play enough to feel good about leaving any sort of review but if I had I would have given it a thumbs up. Just because it isn’t for me doesn’t mean I’d want to slag it.

I knew exactly what kind of game it was, as that was kind of hard to miss even if you hadn’t played the other two CoH titles. I just wasn’t aware until I played it how much my RTS liking has atrophied over the years!

Both games have wind-meals!

Quit your wololollygagging!

I knew i missed something!

I only mentioned because it’s sorta funny (to me) that the same complaints are being leveled with each new release.

The level of zoom does seem extremely close.

Mod out already!

It’s always been close. Coming back to the series after a break it has always my first reaction.

Edit: Followed by “Why can’t I used WASD to move the camera?!”
Though I saw on streams you can remap the camera this time around, so that’s a plus.

I mean, its feels REALLY close, I can’t even see an entire sector on my screen. D:

I like how I switched from 1080p to 4k and the image looked exactly the same. :D

Yeah it is close, closer than previous titles. One of the reasons for this I read is due to terrain elevation. Really hope they zoom it out more w/o having to mod it.

The mod does not work for the SP campaign, from what folks say, only MP and skirmish/custom games. I get that they want you to focus on the micro, and the cool looking models (and they are pretty cool). It sort of induced a claustrophobic feeling in me though.

I saw a comment I think was on the Steam forums calling the game Colonoscopy of Heroes 3. :D