Company of Heroes Nazi Strats?

Increased production sounds great. The other parts sound good too. I’ll definitely have to give him a try.

I really need to play some CoH. It has been far too long.

Yea, CoH is probably my favorite game of the last couple of years. The computer players are particularly good in that game (especially for an RTS).

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game of skirmish in that game. And only a couple of the campaign levels. The multiplayer is just so good.

If anyone wants to play, I’m going to try hosting a COH night again around 9 or 10 pm est tomorrow.

I’ve played alittle bit of AI skirmishes, usually after a patch to see what’s changed.

I’ll be on with my friend we’ve played with a couple of times.

I keep reading this as “Company of Nazi Heroes Strats”.

Yeah, the Arty strike is so much better than the crappy P47 strafe that it’s almost sad. Since it uses munitions, it also doesn’t cut into your tank production.

Um… the strafing run also uses munitions only, and vs. infantry squads and AT guns it can be devastating. Unupgraded Axis infantry will die en masse.

Oh ok, I thought it used Fuel. It’s still been totally ineffective for me when I’ve played Air Doctrine, and I’d rather have the anti-tank damage of artillery. Plus, Rangers. AT gun drops aren’t enough to justify going Air, especially considering what’s available in the other two Doctrines.

Yeah, I agree big time with Raife. The Air tree has never done it for me if the game is anything but heavy infantry.

As for the Axis and commander type guy. Boy that was useful. Pumping out tanks at high speeds is great.

On a side note though, how are the Allies supposed to stand up to the Axis when we’re talking infantry. The grenadiers that can upgrade to get both machine gun and rockets kill pretty much any infantry troop if they get up on them. And a couple of the squads fully upgraded (experience wise) take out most things.

What I am supposed to do the Allies side?

Basically, I’m saying, the more I play the Axis, the harder it is to go back to the Allies. The Axis have better thanks, better infantry, etc. And the super fight infantry power for 50M is so good and recharges really fast.

The Allied riflemen can get BARs and use suppression fire + grenades.

Also, panzerschreks aren’t effective against infantry.

Yeah, BARs are good, but they really don’t step me from cutting them down when I have the machine gun upgrade along with the panzerschrek upgrade… plus, I spend 50 Munitions and my guys become gods for 60 seconds or whatever. I destroy for squads of allied troops last night with two troops of grenadiers, each having one machine gun and one panzer upgrade just by spending 50 munitions. I lost a guy on each squad. What the hell am I supposed to do about that on the Allied side. :D

Again, the strafing power for Allied airborne is the most powerful anti-infantry tool in their arsenal. You do have to aim them, lead them, and occasionally sacrifice a unit to sucker the German player into keeping his squads in place… but well timed, one strafing run will wipe out a screenful of infantry. Unupgraded, squads will outright die. Fully upgraded, a squad will take heavy losses and need to retreat.

I know when I play the Axis stormtrooper/blitz infantry strat, the one thing I fear most is an Airborne player with good air strikes.

Also, quad halftracks are pretty cost-effective anti-infantry tools. Massed grenadiers with shrecks will shred them, but by that point you should have tanks out.

We’re talking about Inspired Assault? Yeah, that’s handy.

You have to look at the infantry war in terms of the whole game, though. Allied infantry are cheaper than Axis infantry, their grenades are WAY better (not true for Stormtroopers, and I’m not that sure about Assault grenades), they only buy their upgrades once. Riflemen are supposed to be a flexible, multipurpose unit, while the Axis infantry have more specific roles. If you buy some veterancy and set your infantry squads up to be anti-infantry, then yes, the Axis infantry will win. But to do that you spent 300 manpower on the squad and 100 munitions on the machine guns (those numbers are per squad) and 400 manpower and 80 fuel on veterancy, plus 100 manpower and 30 fuel for the Kampkraft center.

The Allies upgrade their riflemen once to BARs and once to grenades and then they get them for 270 manpower each. They can call a free strafing run on you for every squad you upgrade to machine guns.

Axis = few units, carefully husbanded, that will always win a 1v1 straight up fight vs their counterparts.

Allied = you killed my unit? It’s ok, 3 more are on the way.

That makes sense then…and it explains why I’m doing better with the Axis rather than the Allies. I’m definitely more Axis play style by the way you describe them Lum. That’s just my natural tendency in RTS games.

With the axis vs allied infantry there is a time in the beginning of the game that if the allies get bars before the axis player can get the grenaders out, that the axis is severely in trouble and can lose very easily at that point. I’ve had that happen to me when the player massed fuel for bar instead of teching up.

When playing against someone using air, always bulid a bunker and get the medic station, I’ve gotten back at least 3 grenader squads in a single match using it. The assault grenade skill I think lets them break suppression to rush an area but I don’t know how well it works post patch.

I still think air needs to be nerfed alittle bit, it’s way to easy to drop a squad anywhere on the map, or at least get the anti air units on the axis side buffed a bit.

Yeah, air is still pretty gamey overpowered. The supply drop took a huge honking nerf though, I don’t even bother to learn it now.

How long is the range on the Axis medic station? I’ve only used it a couple of times and should probably do it more when I go inf.

I think it’s around a screen. Maybe a little bigger.