Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


The setting and theme is really cool, for sure. For me, the inclusion of NPCs and feeling like you’re building up a village really sets it apart. It’s something that I’ve been waiting for ever since Minecraft.

I’ve already had way more “wow, cool” moments exploring the map than any of its peers. I loved Ark and Conan is really early still, but I think this one has already taken the crown for favorite survival crafter.


You can skip the battle eye for now if you are planning to play on the Qt3 server (can always install later).


Can someone message me the server name? I’m not seeing anything obvious in the server browser.


Just search ‘qt’ should come up qt3 conan exiles dedicated server or similar, no password atm.


All that shows up is a RGQT when I use “qt”. Is it PVP, PVP blitz, or PVE and do I need to have battleye installed?


I’ll pm the ip, join via steam servers.



I’m playing solo with Full Nudity, generous multipliers (XP/Harvest/Spoilage/etc) and No Drop on Death and having quite a bit of fun just terrorizing the NPC camps, killing and capturing thralls to serve me. It very much feels like Conan so far; adventurous, grim, sexy, violent, macabre…

I even started rereading my old Conan books (original ACE paperbacks from the 70’s!) to get fully immersed in this game. Being able to recognize the various races in the game and recall specific characters of said race and adventures in their homelands is pretty cool.

I’d love to drop a pic of my beautiful Queen Valeria the Hyborian, Terror of the South, sitting on her beach throne with naked bodyguards… but it’s not exactly “workplace/school” friendly…


So am I. Before I join the Qt3 server I’d like to have some idea of what to do. also, Conan Exiles recoups development costs in a week on Steam Early Access

Conan Exiles sold 320,000 units on Steam Early Access in one week, priced £26.99. It has already recouped development costs, according to a Funcom statement.


I play full nudity on as well. It is quite shocking when you see other exiles. The worst is when I get killed and then my lady has to run around without pants, it adds an actual dynamic of panic to the game. You truly feel very vulnerable. Luckily plant fibers are easy to find, and making a shirt and pants takes less than 5 minutes. I think the nudity really does add to the shock value of the death and dismemberment in Conan.

I too made a lady, there is something appealing about a Warrior lady than some also-ran arnold clone.


Does nudity have an actual effect?


Depends. Are you a prude or a horny perv? ;)


I roll plenty of female characters and for Conan I wanted a sexy and strong woman like Belit or Valeria, from the stories.

Going nude means no armor to mitigate damage. Other than that, I don’t think it makes any difference.


Not really, other than the psychological fear of being naked in the wilderness. If you turn nudity off, when you die, you spawn with a tasteful loincloth and cloth top (For women)


Noob time. Where exactly on the map am I at the very beginning? I keep dying of thirst.


You are south. always south. Head towards any ruins or growth and eventually everyone hits the river. After about 1-2 minutes of running, you should see yourself on the map as well (M)


This to a millionth percent. I have pretty much given up on any game that has a real-life time requirement. I go in streaks so if I put a lot of time into a game one week, I don’t want that progress destroyed when I take a hiatus and come back 6 months later (or am so hopelessly behind it’s lost the fun factor).


AH! Thanks very much.


The PvP Blitz mode handles some of that with fast advancement and monthly resets, sort of like diablo seasons every month. You can make some very quick progress with exp and crafting respawns turned up.


It’s easy to miss, but there’s a water skin on a rock next to the skeleton where you start. It can give you some extra time to find water. Otherwise, just keep a bedroll down until you can make the skins yourself and let yourself die of thirst. You’re not going to have anything difficult to replace at that point anyway. :)