Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


I’m sure everyone’s aware of that. There’s a big difference between “Dangerous world” and “World filled with internet fucks”. My experience in basically every PVP game I’ve played in the last decade is filled with nothing but exploits, hacking, and an unwillingness to engage in anything beyond a gank squad with overwhelming numbers.

I used to be a big fan of PVP and will still play games like Paladins occasionally, but I’m completely uninterested in having some dickhead exploit his way into my base to kill me when I sleep, destroy everything I just spent the last two weeks building, or makes sure to only attack my stuff at 3AM because he doesn’t have a job, friends, or anything better to do. All of that is a wildly different experience than playing a game where there’s a dangerous dragon living in the mountains.



So the ARK forums are full of complaints about players building giant walls around every notable resource in the world and then basically any new person who joins the public server is jumped the moment they enter the world. When they allowed server hops, there were just tons of complaints as the big groups who like to prey on new players soundly woke up and found out a larger group systematically shifted to younger server with their more advance items to take over

It’s not the same at all, and you’re not really going to convince me I will enjoy PVP. I don’t. PVP destroys the gaming experience for me, and most of those guys are assholes.



Exactly. I used to be a huge fan of PVP. I played Ultima Online, I played on the EQ PVP server, and I played on the DAOC PVP server. There were always assholes and exploiters and cheaters (plenty of them!), but the ratio between them and good PVP has wildly skewed in the direction of the emotionally damaged asshole for my tastes.

Back in the DAOC days, I ran around with a group of 3-4 friends on one of the PVP servers. We were a mix of classes from different realms, but we were playing in the Midgard region. Ever since we were L10 or so, we were constantly bumping into this guild called the Shanks. We were leveling up at the same pace, so we were constantly running into each other and fighting over the same areas. They killed us dozens of times, we killed them dozens of times. We were KOS to each other. No opportunity was missed to wreck the other group while grinding EXP.

But that was outside the cities. Inside the capital where PVP was disabled? We laughed and joked around all the time. We’d do conga lines around the capital while our friends were doing some crafting or whatever. We’d mock each other when we just had a victory, but there was no shortage of compliments either.

It was a rivalry, yes, but a very good natured one. We as players didn’t hate each other, certainly not the people behind the keyboards. We just loved to “hate” each other in-game. It was always fun running into each other in the wild, because you knew a good battle was about to be had. And there were plenty of times when a full group of 8 Shanks would run into me while I was out solo, and there’d be no fight. We’d just wave to each other and I’d move on my way. What fun is a 8-on-1 gank? That’s not fun, that’s just being a dick, and we all clearly knew the difference.

I cannot find that sort of PVP anymore. PVP now is about domineering, it’s about bullying other people and thumping their chests as they spawn-camp some poor newbie who’s just trying to get his or her feet under them. Fundamentally, it’s about ruining someone else’s fun, not creating fun in a competitive environment. Like I said, this element has always existed, but in my experience that’s pretty much all it is now, and I have no interest in it.



Yeah. The draw for me to these types of games is the co-operative PVE experience. I only enjoy the “PVP” as the mechanics/realism it adds to the game… i.e. I can’t throw a grenade into a melee my friend is involved in without blowing him/her up.

Private servers are encouraging, I hope there is a lot of PVE content to dive into ala 7DTD or Ark.



Yeah same here. I hope they can have enough in there to make PvE co-op worthwhile. I’m far more a swords and sorcery fan so this has a lot more appeal to me than Ark.



Yeah, the only way to fully enjoy multiplayer PvP without the a-holes is to play on a private server with friends with some sort of “fair play” rules. I do this with ARK and Unturned and it’s fantastic fun with the right bunch of people but I won’t ever play on a “pubbie”

As for Conan Exiles, I’ve been invited to play on a server with 63 other Youtubers. PvP/raiding will be consensual. We’ll see how it goes!



This is how i feel.

Every pvp mmo’ish game i’ve played has been like this.

If you are not part of a large group, likely playing a TON, you are going to be CONSTANTLY ganked and harassed 24/7. This is a hundred times worse in any kind of game where you build permanent structures that take a lot of effort to build and are in a visible location in the world. People will go out of their ways to grief you.

I have neither the time or patience to put up with this crap these days.



So, I have a key for this and might play around tonight. It goes into early access tomorrow



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Are you planning on doing the public PVP server thing or solo/private PVE?



Tonight? Probably doesn’t matter tonight because I think it’s only press. I’ll probably start out on the public to check it out and if it sucks, I’ll switch over.



Yeah, sorry, was just referring to tonight. I was asking because I’m curious how the solo/PVE experience/content is right now. “Early Access” means just about anything these days, from a tech demo to a functional beta.



Oh yeah, I hear you. I think they reset everything tomorrow morning, so I’m not sure if anything will be worth it, but I will certainly play on Public tonight and until I get sick of getting ganked!



Looking forward to your impressions, Jason! GLHF.



Very curious about this. If they could nail some Forest-like Conan-oriented sandbox builder, I’d be so in.



Second, third… whatever number it is, I am also very interested in hearing about the early experience. I understand, of course, that it’s EA.



God, just watching some streams and there’s already PvP a bunch. I might just play on a private server to start with so I don’t have to watch my ass constantly while I learn the game.



Going to pick this up when it unlocks tonight and take a peek. I know, Jason’s opinions/insights are vastly superior to anything I can share, but just mentioning it in case anyone else might be playing.

Probably “alone” on a pub server, and I’ll probably do my usual thing of avoiding other player characters as much as possible. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’re interested in knowing more about.



Picking up as well in 1.5 ish. Curse work tomorrow.



So… apparently conan was exiled from Ark because this game looks like a carbon copy of Ark. Interest level zero.