Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


I picked it up this morning before work and it should be finished installing by now. I hope to get a couple hours in tonight when I get home.


It’s a survival crafter as well so they share a lot of concepts, but I’m not sure I see the carbon copy anymore than say… Battlefield is a carbon copy of Call of Duty.


I was watching some of the twitch streams last night. They gave the term Full Monty in a game new meaning. :)


“Penis slider” was not a phrase I needed in my vocabulary.


I hope it sounds like a slide whistle as you adjust that.


So, huh. I’m not sure how I feel about the game. I know that I’ve never had as many viewers request I show the front of my female character or “go swimming” in my streams. The ladies are quite… endowed and fully naked. As for swimming, well, you can imagine.

Anyway, I like the feel. I like how it’s deadly. I like how it’s somewhat slow and plodding.

I’m just not sure about the longevity. What happens when you get to the big ass city in the middle? I kind of don’t know because it’s not super easy to get there.

I’m super intrigued and will play more. Might board game tonight, but if not, I’ll stream.

I just… dunno.

I’m uploading to YouTube now, so my experience should be up shortly.


Sadly it doesn’t. Someone else said to me the Devs should sell the second half off the slider as DLC. They’d be billionaires.


Anyone have experience with pingperfect server hosting?

Considering renting one for Conan and making it available if there is interest for some password protected action.

Their site is seriously slow or hammered atm.


I was going to do the same thing, but couldn’t get to my barbarian edition rewards yet. I am interested in this game, with PvP turned on, but not with a public gankfest.


I am definitely up for some server action with folks here. I will probably start out tonight just getting used to the controls and optimizing my settings, but would probably switch as soon as someone gets one up :).


According to their twitter they are hammered with new server requests. Shopping cart is returning out of stock when it loads hehe.

I plan to keep trying but may be a day or two before something is set up.

Mayhap someone else will get one up first.


Well whether this is the game or not, it seems like there is a demand for a game like this presumably something ARK, RUST and all the others don’t offer… and by that i don’t mean the penis slider that keeps getting mentioned.


So, it works on my laptop (gaming laptop but still a few years old) though obviously not on max settings or anything. Runs smoother than ARK by a mile. And even at my lower settings the place looks nice and I love the aesthetic. Very Conan-y in terms of everything (violence, sex, blood, dialogue, etc) being turned up to 11.

I made my first dude. Wandered along getting fiber, bugs, rock, and eventually sticks. Crafting is easy and most things are pretty intuitive. But I’m moving about as quickly as I think can be done and run out of water and food (bugs aren’t filling). So…starve.

I’m assuming I’m missing something food/water wise.

Anyway, had fun (already more than ARK). Really enjoying the feel of the world and the game itself, though I’m barely scratching the surface.

Thumbs up.


Can you explain why more fun than ARK? It sounds very similar so far so what’s the appeal? Why does it feel different?

Sorry about string of questions.


Sure, but again, I’m barely into it. The world is appealing, something about big old deserts with ruins that you start in that says ‘dangerous but adventure-y’ to me. The game is playable and mostly smoothly so. Again, I’m not playing at anything close to higher graphic levels as my system is a few years old and my graphics card is a 660M with 2 Gig. Still, its more than playable for me. Now, I’ve always been on the trailing edges of technology so the fact I see a noticeable bubble around me where stuff gets better visually as it enters the bubble doesn’t bother me. But if this thing runs this well in EA I’m assuming is much nicer visually for those with newer rigs.

Character creation was quick and had pretty decent customization for something in EA. No idea how the various races/religions play differently, but that’s not a big deal to me anyway. The much mentioned dong-slider cracked me up. Did a double-take upon seeing it for the first time.

At this point while ARK seems to have much more in it, Conan feels much more professional. Much more like a world with a history that I can dive into myself. ARK is ‘Dino-island’. Cool, but nothing beyond that. No idea if the setting will have as strong a flavor throughout development, but for now it’s everywhere. Again, I’m less than a few hours in.

ARK may have the crafting depth that Conan doesn’t yet (or maybe ever) but the world they’ve created with Conan is much more inviting to me.


Still showing sold out of servers while they catch up with demand I guess.

Maybe just as well, some launch pains/bugs are out there according to reddit.


Finally fired it up tonight and joined a random, “relaxed” PVP server. I figure, hey, I’ll just jump into what could be the worst first, and then maybe dial it back to PVE later.

Ten minutes later, after unmuting the game to try out the female avatar voices, I realize that other players might have been standing around and talking to me the whole time. But I’m still in the character build screen, so I can’t see anybody or even access the game settings. Loads of sexual harassment assaulting my ears. Aaaaaaaaaaaagh. Logged off and decided to regroup and try again.

Am I right in thinking that your character avatar is on display to other players while you roll? I know nothing about how chat works in this game. Maybe global chat was on and they were actually just talking to each other or whatever, but it felt like the speakers were not getting an expected response.


The streams make this game look interesting. I’ve not played many of the survival games that have come out, at least in early access, over the last couple of years. But this looks like a remake of Mortal Online with added fun.


I saw a 10 minute youtube from ZiggyD where his conclusion is that the game looks great but definitely has some unpolished aspects. He also said single player would be pretty grindy but playing with a clan would be a lot better.

Combat looked really basic - Ziggy said the combat wasn’t as good as in Skyrim… let that sink in for a second. The combat animations seemed pretty simple also.

Crafting and the crafting progression appeared to be pretty basic also. You purchase recipes from character upgrade points and everyone’s iron sword is the same (i.e., there’s no variability in crafting, no additional ‘quality’ or such). At this point the crafting progression seemed pretty limited (granted, this is something that can easily be improved while in EA).

I haven’t played Ark so I don’t know how this compares but it definitely looks functionally similar.

Seems like the emphasis is much more on PVP rather than PVE. That’s fine but that means I’m probably not going to be terribly interested in it.


The game has a bunch of settings for EXP gain rates, how much material you harvest per swing, etc and these can all be changed in SP. Ark had a lot of settings like that as well but I had to modify configuration files by hand, so it was nice to be able to do it straight from the in-game settings menu.