Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


I am looking forward to release on this game and to get back on the server with everyone again. But I held out this long to come back, I might as well wait at this point. All this talk of a new combat system is awful tempting though!


How is this for solo oriented MMO players?


Bit more testing…

  • Jungle biome is in
  • Volcano biome is in
  • Level 60 is still max.
  • 497 feat points to spend (learn patterns). A lot of the costs have been reduced and things reorganized into groups. There are also more patterns to learn out in the world at no cost.
  • 391 attribute points to spend.
  • From level 1: 1 pt to 5, 2pts to 10, 3pts to 15, 4pts to 20 and so on.
  • You get a perk every 10 attribute points in a tree. Ex. 10 in strength gives you 100% more concussive damage, 20 in strength gives 25% more damage to enemies with a status effect (bleed, cripple, etc)
  • My existing water well won’t fill (may need to rebuild it)
  • Still have an annoying bug where you get stuck in repeated jump animation on 2nd floor of buildings, though they said this was fixed in a later build.


Can be more specific?

This isn’t an mmo, more of an open PvE/PvP sandbox building and exploration game. There is a story that is told via npcs and lore you find but its very much ‘make your own fun’ type of deal.


Sure! Well I like the exploration sound of that! I guess I play MMO’s as single player games usually. But some games are designed that you simply have to interact with other players to progress. So I guess thats the kind of thing i was asking. Thanks for the response!


there aren’t any quests that I know of or any of the driving forces in most mmos, it’s basically just a world that you go out into and find stuff and try to survive. The way you have to rely on crafted goods and such make surviving solo a pretty daunting prospect fwiw. I usually play MMO’s solo, but I don’t think I would even think of playing this without a guild.


going to have to figure out my own ideal build. So much stuff I want. lol. 3rd perk of Vitality seems super good (hp over time always), and I plan on going with an Agility/Grit focus primarily, but you can’t neglect Strength or Endurance or you likely just won’t be able to get much done. Going to be a tough balancing act I think. 4th perk of Survival seems nice too (immunity to poison)


Of course you can play this solo - Its just like minecraft or any other open world freestyle game in that respect, like Ark, @Rod_Humble
While some things may take a little longer, you can tweak numbers a lot before you start each game, in how much crafting material you get from each plant, how much health enemies have and so on.


As far as group required content on the PvE side…

There are several ‘world bosses’ or much stronger monsters designed for multiple players. These aren’t required to progress or anything, just something to have fun with.

95% of the enemies you won’t need a group for.


Thanks all! I will give it a whirl when it goes full release!


I would imagine it is still like ARK and other similar games if you use the public servers (can be very disrupting to a solo experience), so even if you want to play solo, you may either want to host your own world or join one that a community hosts like the one @kono1134 has running for us here.

I play almost completely solo in these types of games, but it is cool to play on our hosted servers here as you can participate in world chat, ask questions and share stories, and visit other bases at times to see what others accomplish, or share recipes and craft items for each other that can be convenient. You can still play alone, and the worlds are plenty big to find your own place to settle and hang out, but having that option and others around can be nice if you ever wanted to join in on exploring that one tough area, or taking down one big monster once.

Oh, and I ran low on HD space recently and uninstalled this, ugh! Guess I will install it on my new drive this weekend so I can check it out.


Does this game have a magic system?


@Rod_Humble I would suggest playing on the QT3 server or with other friends if you possibly can even though it isn’t technically necessary to do so. One reason is because as a solo player you will never be able to unlock all the available recipes and things to make so it is very difficult solo to see all the fun stuff in the crafting system. Second, building huge structures is a lot easier with more then one person, and other people add to the exploration. As I recall the QT3 server was pretty much solid PvE, so you don’t have to worry about people tearing up your buildings like you would on a public server…

Just food for thought. Even if you are playing solo most of the time, a server with other folks still adds to the fun.


I agree. I’d say just hop on the Qt3 server, Rod, even if you don’t care to play with anyone. You can still be off on your own, but it gives a good avenue to quickly ask questions.


I am afraid I don’t know where this stands currently. They had talked about sorcery before, but I don’t know if that is still planned or how much progress has been made with magic.


There is no magic system at the moment.

It was planned and they had it mostly fleshed out but were unable to hire a graphics effect guy for it (according to a dev stream). So magic it is on the back burner now but may come post release.

There is low level sorcery in the form of the glass orbs which are basically magic bombs/gernades made at the alchemy workstation. Things like fire orb, grease orb, etc.


Minor patch just hit so server will be out of sync (if your steam auto updates) and you wont be able to join.

Don’t have the admin info at work atm so won’t be able to address it til tonight. Wasn’t expecting a patch so soon so wasn’t prepared, will fix for next time.



Really sucks that you can’t currently harvest humans for resources. Also I never thought I would say that sentence.


find myself playing this a lot even knowing it will be wiped. game is definitely fun if you just go with it.