Constellation on AppleTV+ - anyone else watching?

Anyone else watching this? I have questions!

I’ve seen the first two episodes, enjoying it so far.

What genre is it? Science Fiction? Police procedural? A mixture of stuff?

(I don’t watch trailers if I might watch the show).

Sci-fi, suspense. Astronaut on ISS when something goes wrong, then weird shit happens kinda thing.

It feels like we’re being inundated with ISS and/or one person going into space and coming back different/changed/alien/weirdness. The show looks expertly crafted but I dunno if I can make myself watch it.

— Alan

It’s really well done. I haven’t watched the latest ep yet, but the first three definitely have me intrigued.

Also, the astronauts act much more like astronauts than the ones in the recent movie I.S.S. Which I enjoyed, but had problems with some of the crew behavior.

I liked the first episode fairly well, but I stop watching 1/2 way through the second. To much jumping around in time and space. Not bad, but it had too much of horror vibe for me to really get into it.

This is okay. Not bad but a lot of filler and soap opera.
The series also really -has- to use every cliché and trope and can’t resist filling every second of its runtime with mostly meaningless stuff like that (non spoiler example) stupid 10 second wolf scene.
You could easily cut 50% of this and it would be a better experience.

I thought the first two episodes could have been combined into a single episode. Although we would have missed out on a lot of space scenes. It’s picked up though in the last few episodes. I’m enjoying it.

Oh no. That Invasion show on Apple was the absolute worst example of this and hate to see the trend continue. Expertly and expensively shot moments of absolutely nothing. One after the other after the other.

I’m not sure I’m understanding everything that’s going on, but if it ends up being that this is the afterlife or they’re all dead or something like that I’ll be pissed.

It’s definitely all riding on how it ends up.

I watched ep 1. It’s not entirely clear where it’s all going (and the suspense in ep 1 was greatly reduced because of the time jump) but I’m giving it a try.

(Not as good as Silo, fwiw.)

For those of you frustrated with the show, know that it apparently DOES get better / or rather redeems itself later on.

The dread-laden atmosphere ensures we’re rarely bored, but we’re also left perpetually grasping for narrative threads that remain maddeningly out of reach. Right up until everything clicks into place.

Early episodes might give the impression of a story adrift, but writer Peter Harness (McMafia) knows exactly what he’s doing here. The eureka moment, when it comes, is a stunning, Damascene revelation that sends domino-like ripples back to the show’s very first scene, instantly making sense of what came before. It’s a risky move but one that pays off, resulting in a heady rush that is absolutely worth the wait. It just takes a handful of episodes to get there.

I was planning on watching once the full season has aired since it sounds like its more suitable to a binge watch.

Wow, ok, I’m looking forward to that moment!

Well, the big revelation wasn’t this week, but we’re getting some more explicit clues about what’s happening, I think.

I am looking forward to this “Damascene revelation,” but also thinking that even if it’s as amazing as promised, it’s not cool to force viewers to watch 7+ hours of a show to get the only real payoff.

Maybe I’ll change my mind when it happens.

I think the reviewer was just exceedingly over-impressed with the basic premise. There is only one more episode in the season.
The line:

-spoiler free-
makes me think the reviewer’s revelatory delight is in episode 3, when Jonathan Banks’ character explains and experiments with the CAL and has some monologues at a space convention. That is the first time the basic sci-fi trope of the show is really “shown”, instead of being hinted at.

I really hope they leave the big reveal as a cliffhanger, making it the most annoying show ever. Then the next season they do the same.

Permanent edging. Would be awesome.

Hyping up some big reveal is probably the worst thing you could do to this show because it will never live up to those expectations.

This show is like 90% filler material. The last episode was almost entirely them crisscrossing between the two cabins. Frustrating!

I’ll be watching the final episode, but I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. One thing I don’t understand is why the daughter is caught up in this. She wasn’t anywhere near the CAL, which seemed to be the catalyst for all the show’s shenanigans, but she’s having visions of the other universes like the mom, other astronaut, and Bud/Henry.

Also not sure why Bud/Henry can converse across universes.

I’m afraid the answer is going to be “because that’s what the script says.”