Cop Shooting Thread


Er hat den Brei gemacht. Er hat den Monsterbrei gemacht.

-Robert Pickett


Ausgezeichnet, danke!


Ich mag Kuchen.


Facebook seems to segregate populations very starkly. Some people share lots of BLM articles, some people share exclusively police and soldier memorials:

Es brillig war. Die schlichten Toven, Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben



Der Kuchen ist eine Lüge


“These n****rs are like ISIS, they have no value,” Nucera allegedly said. “They should line them all up and mow ’em down. I’d like to be on the firing squad, I could do it. I used to think about if I could shoot someone or not, I could do it, I’m tired of it.”

Nucera also “instructed police officers to bring canines to certain games and position the canine vehicles at the entrance to the gymnasium in order to intimidate African American patrons,” according to the FBI. In another instance, Nucera allegedly told an officer to walk a police dog through an apartment complex so African-American residents could see him.

William Fitzpatrick, New Jersey’s acting top federal prosecutor, said in a statement that Nucera “dishonored the profession” and harbored “intense racial animosity” and senseless hatred of African-Americans.


Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale.


Well clearly the most important part here is to make sure the NFL athletes stand when their told to, not at all try to clean house across the nation to get rid of obvious prejudice and bias officials like this.


The Utah nurse who was led off in cuffs for doing her job got a $500K settlement.

The settlement deal covers all possible defendants from lawsuits, The Associated Press reports, including individual police officers and hospital security guards.

Salt Lake City and the University of Utah will split the cost of the settlement.



I’m still against civil asset forfeiture, but that tweet does not really describe the case that the article describes.

They didn’t give him a heart attack.

The cops actually found coke and $18k in cash in the dude’s house. The only reason they didn’t prove his guilt was that he died before the trial was over and the prosecutor didn’t want to continue to try a dead dude.

CAF is bull, but this dude isn’t really some innocent guy the cops robbed.


Well he died so he’s not really guilty either. I find CAF in these cases to be BS, whether the person was found guilty or not. This was designed for organized crime and is fully abused today.


Funny historical aside; the Tanzimat decree in 1829 in the Ottoman Empire banned CAF. Almost 200 years later in a supposedly more enlightened society, we still can’t get rid of it.

(to be fair, there were a lot of other issues with the Ottoman Empire, but still …)


The bigger issue is the CAF imo.


They allegedly found cash and coke in the house. Did they though? Dunno, since they never went to trial.


Yeah and it’s not like we have videos of cops actually planting drugs around here somewhere.

I understand the point, that maybe this person did commit a crime in that house but the idea behind CAF was not to give the government, local or federal, a way to just take property with an impossible way to prove the property is innocent. It was designed for a specific purpose and now it’s used too often.


I think we all agree that CAF is garbage.

But the presentation of this guy’s case in that tweet is straight up lying.


Wayne, 41, was indeed ill. More than a decade of heart problems left him with a fragile cardiovascular system, and the smoke from the grenade thrown into his home by police did not help. He would never recover after the September 2015 raid, which was carried out by 22nd Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force agents in the small South Alabama town of Andalusia. Coughing up blood, Wayne Bonam was hospitalized weeks later. He died the following November.

Wayne’s death was already a tragedy. But, for his family, it was only compounded by what police and prosecutors did next

He has a bad heart. The police storm the house with grenade, and he has enough physical trouble that he has to be carried out and dies not longer later. He is not found guilty in the court of law which means he literally died an innocent man. There is no buts or what if’s about it, he was not guilty when he died. His house and assets however and guilty until proven innocent which is almost impossible do, and they’re able to do this only because of abusing a law designed for organized crime.

But for some reason, when we talked about CAF, you mentioned he had money and coke as if that means what… it doesn’t change CAF at all. You’re presuming he was guilty no matter what, and of course CAF doesn’t really care either way.


The original tweet was misleading regarding the facts of the case.