Cop Shooting Thread




Yeah i remember when that happened… a year ago!



Indicted for murder. A conviction will be an uphill battle, though. Most cops get away with stuff like this. Hopefully they have a good prosecutor.

I don’t love that she is always referred to as a police officer. Her being at the wrong door and shooting someone had nothing to do with her being a cop.


But it has everything to do with how she will get treated by the justice system. You know full well that her very nature as an officer makes her harder to prosecute.



That’s a hard read. Can you have two rights and still come out with the wrong outcome, and does it matter that the two rights be acknowledged. That police department… whether or not the officers involved have legit positions, the police department and how they handled it, it needs to be tossed.


Wow, that was really long, but very detailed and very good.


People always say cops need more training to get better. But is the training maybe the problem?


I would say, the type of training is the issue. Unless, of course, that’s what you meant. In that case I agree.


Cops will always be the ones to decide what training they get, so a better solution might be to get more liberals to want to become cops.

(I’m guessing some also get training and ph4t l00t from the military.)


I have it from good authority, from one of our quit larger police departments, that they’re already at B level recruiting levels. This means they are not able to get the A level so they are looking at individuals with criminal history, of course I had to hire a snicker when they said that included people with charges related to marijuana. If that’s a stretch for them… I already see a problem. They’re more willing to take someone with a problem in some other department in some other city or state over someone who was charged with possession with marijuana… the whole system needs to readdressed, redone, scrapped and changed.


Yeah, it’s a job no one wants. Especially if you have a degree and are already focusing on some other career.


It is also high stress and involves a pretty high suicide rate.


Turns out hiring Nazis results in anti-Semitism. Weird.


I’m mostly pro-union, but FOP is evil in this country.


So that black man who was killed in the mall back in November? Autopsy shows he was shot in the back and witnesses confirm he was directing people to safety.


while black.


Clearly should have been wearing one of those armor-plated backpacks, like the cool kids these days.
I assume the shooters will be docked some of their usual OT for this tragedy.