Corrupt gov palin's yahoo emails:

Words fail me on this one. It’ll be fun to see if the secret service can track them down!

call me crazy, but shouldn’t Yahoo have a backup of these? Aren’t email histories fairly easy to track?

As much as the article spins this as a “Palin destroys evidence” thing, there doesn’t seem to be much indication of any official business occurring, and reading those emails just makes her seem more likable, not less. Gotta feel bad for Bristol, too, of course.

At least jeff lackey has some sense on this board.

ravenight, the account that we want to see emails from is [email protected], not [email protected]. But both have been deleted as of this morning.

Wow that Bristol voice mail was RIVETING.

Keep up the great work guys!

P&R may have hit an all-time low with its support of a FEDERAL CRIME.

Quality guys, quality.

I hadn’t even considered that – would anyone who accessed the account after seeing the password be committing a felony? There are plenty of 12 year olds on /b/, there’s no way they were all sophisticated enough to use a proxy. Some of those kids might wake up to a hello of a surprise one day.

Sure except for…

Not that I support hacking in to private accounts, but you’d think if you were going to risk it, you’d at least come up with juicier than a couple of goofy family pictures.

Who, specifically, is supporting this?

Nice Steam screenshot.

Yeah, the original guy was a dumbass and put up the password for public consumption before backing up anything. Several people got in to start saving things, but one guy decided to white knight and changed the password with the intent of giving it back to Palin. He posted an image of the email he was writing and didn’t blur out the new password so everyone flooded in again, and several tried to change the password at the same time, triggering Yahoo’s account theft protection to lock the account. So there was a very narrow window of time that people had access to anything, and I am sure most of them were laughing or signing up all her contacts up for porn spam instead of backing things up.

Give it a rest. It’s pretty interesting that Anonymous managed to get into Palin’s account for a number of reasons, and most people in this thread are saying things along the line of, “Dear god, 4chan has Bristol’s cell phone!” and otherwise commenting on the spectacle - which is, you know, standard Qt3 fare. Nobody is “supporting a FEDERAL CRIME.”

Yeah, I thought that it pretty much went without saying that this is deeply wrong on many levels, but if it will prevent a Bob Cherub hissy fit, I’ll say it anyway: good god, this is so wrong, on so many levels.

PS: Bristol, get rid of that phone. Really.

Nice Steam screenshot.

Maybe the whole thing is a Valve viral. (that would be awesome)

I know the standard answer: “But you’re not running for the vice presidency!” - but I commonly will forward business emails to my personal email account and it’s not infrequent for me to write business emails from one of my personal email accounts, one reason being that it’s a pain in the rumpus to get into my business email account when not at work or not on my work computer. I doubt it was done in anticipation of avoiding an investigation.

Like her or not, things like these personal attacks are the kind of nasty crap that makes our politics so nauseating these days.

Your mom’s a FEDERAL CRIME.

Brought to you by Easy Bob.

What makes our politics nauseating is that it’s all process and no issues.

Oh come on, you’re talking about a message board of professional internal trolls, not political obsessives like dailykos or something. They’d do this to Oprah if the opportunity presented itself.