Crackdown 3 - By whatever means necessary


On the upside, at least we can find out if it will totally suck firsthand pretty cheaply, even almost free if you’re willing to do the whole Microsoft Rewards thing.


I think the delay is to get it to the level of relatively passable and pushing it to 2019 gives them something first party for the spring. I suspect it’ll look dated but play ok.


I never played Crackdown 1, which according to word of mouth is the best thing ever since sliced bread. Hasn’t the overpowered superhero open world gameplay been done already, like Saint’s Row 4 or Prototype or whatever? Do we need a 3? I don’t get where this excitement is coming from.


The excitement predates SR4. Now it’s just like… “Oh, yea, Crackdown 3… exploding buildings, and, umm… Well, damn, we need SOMETHING new and exclusive that isn’t an 11th Forza game. So… CRACKDOWN 3! Wooo! (is Terry Crews mandatory?)”


Oh, man I forgot all about the cloud-based destruction. What a mess.


At points throughout the last 12 months I’d heard from some within the UK video game development community that Crackdown 3 was in danger of being cancelled as a result of its apathetic reception among gamers and its development troubles. Xbox boss Phil Spencer, himself a fan of the first Crackdown game and the person who gave Crackdown 3 the green light, told Eurogamer that he decided to delay Crackdown 3 after playtesting the latest build.

After Microsoft decided to delay Crackdown 3 yet again - the final time the company is willing to do so, I’ve heard - the many developers working on it were faced with at least another six months of work after having previously thought they’d be done with the project in June 2018. For many of the developers working on Crackdown 3, this latest delay means potentially more crunch for what some expect will be a disappointment of a release no matter how much money and resources Microsoft throws at it.


Man, you really know how to bring the room down.


Was the thread title always “By whatever means necessary”? Prophetic indeed.


Trailer for their full destruction cloud-powered multiplayer mode.

February 15th firm release date is still there apparently.


Remind me; Wasn’t this supposed to be a headliner title for the launch of the Prism One, later rebranded XBONE?

I loved Crackdown 1 and enjoyed 2 - still the only two 360 titles I did 98-100% of the achievements for, but, this 3rd one seemed kinda … meh. Which is a shame.


Launch title, no. Delayed, yes. But at least they aren’t launching it prematurely, like Crackdown 2.


Dude, you couldn’t work a ‘M$’ in there? I’m disappointed.


Hope they can deliver something fun. Would be another great title to add to Gamepass after Horizon 4.


The multiplayer mode in Crackdown 3 is called Wrecking Zone and pits two teams of five against each other in arenas you can apparently completely destroy - a technological feat made possible by Microsoft’s Azure cloud. It’s this fancy destruction Grand Theft Auto co-creator Dave Jones famously announced on Microsoft’s Gamescom stage four years ago, and then poof!, the game disappeared.


Hmm, wasn’t it Red Faction 1 that let you destroy a lot of the arena you played in, back in 2001 without the techological feat of Azure Cloud.

Still, destructible maps is always a nice thing. Wish ARMA had that.


IGN posted some single-player footage showing how the game is looking after a little more time in the oven.


Never played a Crackdown game before, but after watching that video I am not at all a fan of the art. It looks like a derelict washed up from 2009.

How long has the game been in development for?


Since 2009, pretty much.


I think it looks pretty good if you play the video at 4k. IGN’s player compresses things to death, but at full 4K it has a really nice and sharp art style. Even if it’s not the best-looking game ever I do like how it looks generally.


That could definitely be it. Ultimately, if the gameplay is good I can easily get past a lack of visual appeal. It was just a little jarring to see an upcoming new game from a major publisher look so… dated. Reminded me a bit of FO76 in that way.