Crank calls

Been getting irritating crank calls tonight from some giggly girl(s) pretending to be a chinese dry cleaner. It’s hard to imagine that this is just a random thing since my number is not listed and they knew my name. So I suspect it might be someone I know, I just have no idea who. I don’t recognize the number, although it is local.

Is there a free way to do a reverse 411 on the number? I tried a couple of websites but they all refer me to pay services that charge $15 for a lookup.

I’m sorry Gary I’ll stop for tonight.

Try . It has several different searches that sometimes work.

No luck there, but thanks.

Record it and make a really nasty YTMND-style thing out of it. Each call you get, make a new one. Make sure everyone you know, knows.

Wait, you’re not the Gary Whitta who ordered the giggly girl calls?


Maybe it’s that chick you dumped recently. You know, the one from

Dear Gary, I must have gotten your number mixed up with Bill Dungsroman’s. Sorry.

Bill Dungsroman, ignore my messages asking for those links again. 'K?

If worst comes to worst, you can just have the number blocked. But I’m sure they’ll move on once they realize you’re not the easy prey they were told you were.

Or maybe they just want to hear your sultry British accent? In that case, I’d move.

Attention Gary: you are an old fogey. Lighten up.

no kidding. if giggling girls randomly called me, i’d invite them over for some beers.

BUSTED! The girls are probably like 13. DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR CITY, BABY!

Did anyone else used to crank call regularly? I did that shit all the time as a kid and, sadly I guess, up til I was about 18. My favorite was calling 2 random people using 3 way calling, they would start asking each other ‘Hello?’, ‘Hello?’, ‘Who is this?’, ‘WHO is this?’, ‘You called me!’, ‘No I didnt’, etc.

I did this all the time to people in my dorm when I was a freshmen and if the people knew each other sometimes they would just start chatting like one of them really had called the other one. It was hilarious to blurt out random things during their conversation.

I want to party with you olaf.

I want to tell Gary that there is absolutley nothing wrong with pararnoia.

What’s your number?

I once got a crank answering machine message from some teenager who claimed I was the father of her child. I probably still have it online somewhere for your listening pleasure. To me, it was the most hilarious thing in the world, but I know some married guys who say they would have been in serious shit had that message been left on their machines.

Ah yes, here is the mystery recording. Certain words are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

You fool, he said he wanted giggly call girls! gives you a name and address for numbers, unless the person is unlisted, or its a cellphone.

Reverse phone lookup: