Cult of the Lamb - Be a baa-aa-adass cultist

Ah, Wales*. Where men are men, and sheep are nervous.

*=Optionally, Scotland, New Zealand and/or Australia. The real sheep shaggers are obviously always “the other guys”.

Scotland however, does have this beautiful alternative take:

Why are the Scotsmen wearing kilts?
Because the sheep can hear zippers.

I’m pretty sure there’s at least one Clan that will now put me on a blood feud list now or something. Or maybe threaten me with a deep fried Mars bar. My Doc has assured me if I eat any more of those, I’m pretty much done for. ;)

TLDW: Cult of the Lamb, now with Booze, Orgies and Rhythm Minigames.
I admit, the last one was unexpected.

Eyes followers with malicious intent.

I should give this another shot. Picked up on Switch at release, but kept encountering a soft lock bug right at the start.

I chuckle at the humor of the game. It’s also relaxing and “fun”. If you haven’t played since it was released there have been some good QoL updates since.

What’s better than one sheep? Depending on the amount of Welsh people in your bloodline, I probably don’t wanna know the answer, but the devs of Cult of the Lamb are pretty certain it’s…TWO sheep. In local coop.

Well, if I had someone to coop on my couch with, I’d be ecstatic, but I’ll be honest, my PC is about 2 rooms away from the next couch proper and I have no fellow local sheep enthusiasts, so I hope there’s a little more shenanigans in the update as well.

(Note to self, second sheep looks suspiciously like a goat.)

This is the best news ever. This’ll be great to play with my gal.