Currency as wall decorations

Can you guys recommend the bill that you think would be best suited to decorate my walls? I thought that the new colorful $10 was the best bet but my wife thought we should probably just go with $100s since we have so darn many of them laying around. I figured that if we changed all those hundreds into 10s then it would be the same thing.

Also…can anybody recommend a mounting method? I was thinking of double sided tape but that may ruin our silk and gold embroidered wall covers.

Does anybody have any experience with this?

The 10s are more colorful, but less impressive. Anyone with any sense will know immediately that you have chosen the path of lower value per unit wall. If you’re going to use 10s, you may as well just scrounge around your neighbors’ recycling for old coupons.

As far as mounting is concerned, I have found that hiring a staff of manservants to hold each bill in place is effective and has the advantage of not requiring adhesives of any type. If you want to skimp, you can assign three 8-hour shifts per bill, but I chose to use teams of four working in 6-hour shifts. I care about my manservants.

Are you planning on using only US currency? I would recommend putting some Canadian currency into the mix to add some extra colour to really give your walls a bit of punch.

One of these days I really am going to have to light a cigar with a $20 bill.

Though, I’d be hard pressed to find a cigar that would be more expensive than the bill. Or rather, it would kill me inside to spend so much money on the cigar.

Yeah, but cigars literally kill you inside anyway! LOL OMG!!!

But not to spend $20 to light it?

Hang them from platinum chains attached to the vaulted fused diamond ceiling.

Peasants. My wife and I throw out our old walls every week anyway. I had NASA make one of those machines that George Jetson had to dress him, except for our entire house. I mean, Mansion.

Snort. British notes, please, not those dreadful cheap colonial ones.

Hee hee, those fucking tenners. They look like somebody spilled Sunkist on them.

Just for the hell of it, a real answer: The Bureau of Engraving and Printing sells uncut 16-note sheets of the 2004A series $10 notes. With a frame, it winds up being $281 per sheet.

This right here is the way to go. They may only be tens, but anyone who’s in the know will realize that you actually bought $160 worth of ten dollar bills for $281. And if someone doesn’t know at least that much… what are they doing in your house?!?!?! Alan Greenspan you master of deception!

Doesn’t this thread really belong in P&R?

Don’t YOU really belong in P&R?

What if I said that my manservants were actually androids running XP and ever since the latest security update, they’ve been holding the 100s backwards?

Does anybody know where to find updated manservant drivers?

I was having manservant lag whenever I would recover from a standby, I searched all over the net and found it was a driver issue. I just had to uninstall my manservants one by one until I found out which was the problem.

Once I had located which manservant had the defective driver file I just reinstalled the original driver from the startup disk and I was good to go.

Whatever you do don’t call the support group, they have no idea what they’re doing.

You shouldve read the manpages.

I like how much extra ‘’ charges for $160 worth of ten dollar bills.