Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

It’s so weird how it’s like this game just released - everyone is playing it and I love it!

Because it took like a year to get it into a shape that was more broadly appealing I think. I liked it quite a bit at launch, warts and all, but it has only improved over time.

Time for another playthrough! First, though, I need to find and install the best mods. That step often becomes a game in itself for me. I think I’ve spent as much time modding Skyrim as playing it.

If anyone has suggestions for great second-playthrough mods, I’d love to see them.

I’d be interested in such a list too, for 1.6, and which isn’t composed mostly of a teenager’s dreams of boobs and pubic hair.

Mostly because the Netflix show and a long-awaited new patch released.

For spoilery reasons it’s worth mainlining the primary questline until you hit a a clear act break. Then you can completely ignore the main plot forever. Every single sidequest will still be there but if you do them after the Act break they can be more interesting.

Oh is there a specific chapter I should go through? I finished the big Heist recently so I’m still very early in the game.

Generally once you get to the post-Heist part and you are searching for a way to fix what’s rather dramatically gone wrong, you can take your time and bop around. Currently on my playthrough I’m level 32 and still have not set in motion the last couple of things necessary to get me to the point of no return.

I’m finding the game a lot of fun this way, though I wonder how much I want to play after the ending bits. In my other runs, I pretty much stopped there. I did find a little mod that lets me reset attributes along with skill points, which is really useful and not terribly disruptive of balance. I’ve thought about some of the combat rebalancing mods, but haven’t gone that route yet.

One problem I have in this game is sort of like the problem in Skyrim, where I always end up as a stealth archer it seems. Here, hacking is so powerful even after the 1.5 nerf that it feels silly to not use it. Which in turn pushes you to put points in the Intelligence line, which of course means you have less points for other lines, etc. But the ability to wipe out whole groups without doing much other than hiding behind a dumpster or something is compelling, especially as there are times when the enemies are bullet sponges otherwise.

I found it clever (if annoying a bit) that they gate crafted weapons to your current skill loadout. So, you can’t dump all your points into Crafting, unlock the highest tier weapon crafting, make stuff, then ditch those points (which you could do without a mod, for cash) because then you can’t equip those guns. But you can cherry pick just those nodes if you have 20 in the Tech attribute and reset at least.

I have had a few playthroughs and generally think the hacker is the best, by far. Aside from being powerful, the mechanics of other styles do not work very well. One big issue is that armor is generally worthless as far as protecting you. So any kind of non-stealthy gunner or melee build is going to get into trouble fast.

Sneaking is marginal, at best. Again the problem with any stealth melee is that once you attack someone, you can easily alert all the guards, especially with cameras and all that. It slightly better with silenced weapons, but only a little.

This just leaves hacking which can not only fry people at extreme range, but also turn off cameras and disable security system. It is not that hacking is OP, but more like the other builds turn into exercises in frustration with a lot of safe-scrumming because things can go very wrong, very easily.

I think the fix is greatly improve armor and somewhat improve stealth mechanics.

CDPR have not given up.

Seems like way too much to me, but what do I know. I suppose Phantom Liberty might at the stage that Orion could be in the design stages, and only one Witcher ‘thing’ is being made by CDPR… but then what’s Hadar to be??

I remember when they had ambitious plans to make two games at the same time, W3 and CP77 but CP77 was put on hold as they needed all their effort to focus on W3. The same happened later with CP77…

Yep. It’s nice to want things but I will not be surprised when they scrap this parallel dev idea yet again.

They have 350 people making Cyberpunk expansion, 150 people making new Witcher game, 60 people making the Molasses Flood game and tiny team on coming up with the new IP.

And apparently, the new big Cyberpunk game will be made by CDP NA branch, not polish one, so it seems it hasn’t even entered preproduction yet.

Once they’re clear of Cyberpunk, they can reallocate a decent portion of their engine and tools programmers back to gameplay. Not all of them - obviously they still will need game specific toolsets integrated into UE - but enough that it should benefit their new projects enormously. I’m hoping this means they’ll have more sophisticated\interesting mechanics they bring to bear with the new Witcher titles.

From the article

However, today’s flurry of announcements included word CD Projekt was introducing multiplayer to “most of our new games to enrich the single-player experience”


Finally saved up for the double jump today. Holy hell what a game changer.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, sure, I’d play a new Witcher game.

Is that perk under the Body attribute?

I think that one must be necessary to take advantage of the “attack from above” perk, whatever it’s called.

No it’s a leg augment, cost 30,000.

So it doesn’t have perk/attribute requirements, just money? Cool. Still, 30 grand, ouch. Back to picking up every last weapon I guess.

I’m still doing every NPCD callout I find, that helps.