Damn you all. Favorite bottled water?

I watered down the language so I could make the pun. Then I explained the inner workings of the fairly uninteresting joke to you. At least you didn’t waste oxygen laughing even though I wasted electricity and time.

I like Aquafina. It’s more consistent than some of the others I’ve tried. I feel bad that it’s basically just tap water, but I justify that by saying I get bottled water for the portability.

EDIT: I suck at fad topics.

I picked up a couple bottles of New Zealand water from Trader Joe’s.

Aquafina? Isn’t that just Atlanta’s tap water?

We fill Arrowhead bottles with Brita-filtered tap water. Mmm mmm good.

You could buy a water bottle and save money and our planet* for the same portability!

*there’s a coffee shop near me that refuses sell bottled water because of all the oil and shit burned by trucks that haul the goddamned bottles of water to you.

Come to think of it, filtering my own tap water does taste exactly the same. Lately I’ve been doing that & recycling the bottles I occasionally get in coke machines on the go.

Bottled water is something of a once a month occurance for me.

Fiji and Voss


Ozarka is my runner up, but they get better and worse every other year. Right now they’re on a good year.

I like water from my tap the best.

I’ve been drinking Crystal Geyser for fizzy water, though. It’s a good substitute for soda, and is a little more fun and textured than plain water when that’s what I crave.

I find the only difference in fizzy waters taste is what bottles they are stored in (plastic, glass, or metal). Otherwise, I just buy whatever is on the cheap.

I just get the lightly-fruit-flavoured carbonated water that the local Safeway sells under their own brand. It’s more interesting than plain old water without being too expensive or sweetened.

Aquafina bottles, water from my tap. My own ghetto aquifer.

I can’t handle regular tap water unless it’s filtered and chilled. Maybe that makes me a snob.

As far as bottled water goes, Arrowhead usually, I guess. But mostly I used to just filter, put in fridge, drink.


My favorite part is the brand that comes from the Corpus Christi municipal water supply. Anyone else who’s ever been there is surely cringing in unison with me.

Holy Water! Slay the undead with deliciously pure sanctified water!

How the fuck does the coffee get there, then?

Coca cola can = oil and shit burned by trucks hauling the stuff + oil and shit burned farming corn + oil and shit to make aluminum.

Well I think the logic is that it’s better to ship the coffee that can’t be grown near you rather than water which you can get out of your tap.

I drink Poland Springs carbonated water with lime, but I drink so much of it now (stopped drinking soda for the most part, and I drink a case of half liters a week of water) and it generates so much garbage that I’m seriously considering getting one of those home carbonation things.

I’m partial to the water made out of H2O…

Last Christmas I picked up some of these for $10 each. One carries coffee, one carries tap water. You can get a filter and refrigerate and this (thermos) will keep them cold. Spill proof, saves keyboards.

If you like the fizzy water, they’re seriously awesome.