Damsel - Millie Bobby Brown versus a dragon

The spec is basically what if Dragonslayer, but the sacrifice fought back?

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later)

Apparently filmed in (unwatchable) DarkCinemaVision.

Looked great on my HDR TV. Was it really dark for you?

Also, the trailer looked quite fun. Wife was onboard with the premise of the damsel taking matters into her own hand too.

I was gonna say, I had no issues seeing the trailer.

Yeah, all the cave scenes are just a dark blur here on my work machine.

The castle stuff was fine.

Eh could be ok, I’d prefer more Enola Holmes movies though.

I’m with @BennyProfane, the dark scenes were super blurry on my monitor.

Even better on OLED. Looks great to me!

Yeah, that looks like something they want you to watch in a pitch black room on an OLED screen, which 99.5% of Netlfix viewers don’t have or do. Asshole grade artists, from the school of Solo.

I was wondering if this had survived,we had a bid on it a few years back. I liked the script well enough, was just a nice twist on the old Dragonslayer theme.

Given the digital delivery nature of films at this point (at least in Netflix case!) I wonder if maybe it’s time to leave the days of single ‘canon’ versions of films behind, and to have now different versions of movies, graded for high end tvs and mid grade tvs. Same as there are hdr and sdr versions. So everyone is happy.

Looks cool, but kind of predictable? Like, there’s no way she’s not going to end up ‘freeing’ the dragon which is actually improsioned or magically bound by the ‘Damsel’ ritual or something, and then on on the revenge spree, right?

Yeah.Hopefully it doesn’t take itself quite as seriously as the trailer seems to imply. Seem s like it might be a fun movie, but it has to lean a little bit into the fun if it’s going to work.

It takes itself every bit as seriously as the trailer implies, sadly.

There is a reasonable amount of star-power behind this movie: Angela Basset, Ray Winstone, Robin Wright Penn, and music by Hans Zimmler. The CGI is pretty decent, though it gets worse as the movie goes along.

The real problem is that there is not a single surprise in the entire film. Every single story-beat is telegraphed far in advance in the most obvious way possible. There is a mystery to the whole situation, but you already know the outline and then as soon as someone says something that the movie’s writers think is “enigmatic”, you instantly know exactly how the next fifteen minutes of the film are going to proceed.

Millie Bobby Brown is fine, given that she just has to scream and grunt in pain for half the movie, and then look determined/vengeful for the other half. Honestly, it’s just her playing Eleven once again… she’s got Eleven’s role down pretty good, I reckon.

A touch or two of humor would have gone a long way, but everyone in the whole movie is so damned EARNEST, it’s painful. I would have paid good money if – when MBB’s character takes her predictable vengeance on Robin Wright’s evil queen – someone would have thrown in a gratuitous “Buttercup” or “Queen of Refuse” into the mix. Oh – or if the priest conducting the marriage ceremony had a lisp! Any humor at all.

Ah well.

We watched it as well. Can’t disagree with those criticisms, but we really enjoyed it nonetheless.

Watched it and it is just dreadful. Classic YA fantasy B movie. I like Millie Bobby Brown but her acting is a bit limited. The plot is just ponderous, even for a movie around 90 mins, it can be told better probably in 60 mins. CGI is terribad (basically syfy quality), big name actors wasted (except Ray Winstone, he is Ray Winstone in every movie so you can’t complain). Agree with @Tin_Wisdom

Basically a low rent variant of Kristen Stewart’s Snow White.

I took some gummies last night and tried to watch this. I got to the part where she is running around the cave and fell asleep.

It’s awful all around. Robin Wright and Angela Basset were horrendous. We all know Millie is a bad actress so that went just as expected. This movie isn’t even fun like the old 80s bad fantasy movies are. Netflix is really good at finding that line between Bad Movie and Fun Bad Movie and never crossing it.

I wil give this movie credit for two cool things.

  1. Shohreh Aghdashloo voicing the dragon. Thumbs up.

  2. The stepmother not being evil. Bravo. So tired of that cliché.

That was OK – I got the impression that there was supposed to be more of a transformation there (from being an untrusted, scheming, caricature to a beloved family member) but as it was it was a nice nod towards the trope being silly.

Yeah, this is no Vermithrax Pejorative, that’s for sure. (In fact, does the dragon even have a name in this?).

It’s not even a Dragonheart!

Really just a paper thin movie.