Daredevil (Netflix)


I wasn’t fond of Foggy initially either. He really had “sidekick/comic relief” printed on his forehead, being (seemingly) less skilled as a lawyer AND less handsome AND not a super-hero. But he has an arc, and season 2 has him step out of Matt’s shadow and realize that he’s not as dependent on him as he thought.

And he’s right to call Matt on his shit, right to be pissed about Matt being unreliable and not letting him know about what was going on. Is he worried about Matt getting hurt? Of course he is. As any close friend would. IMO the reason he gets frustrated though is him feeling that Matt is not invested in their friendship as he is; not trusting him (Foggy) and telling him what’s going on.


Yeah, while Matt is heroic, he’s also a first class jerk to the people in his life.


Don’t disagree at all. I just feel like we’ve done this sooooo maaaaaaany tiiiiiimes and we all know how it’s going to go, so…enh. All those scenes are terribly tedious to me.

But I’d probably bitch if they weren’t there and everyone just accepted Matt’s odd behavior with a shrug ;)


So let’s say that I watched five-ish episode of the first season, dropped out, but am curious to see some Jon Bernthal highlights and any particularly cool fight scenes. Any episodes I should skim through?


I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll get some Moon Knight action in season 3.


We do? Because, I didn’t really expect it to go that way.


Oh, I totally see where you’re coming from. When Foggy ripped into Matt, I immediately was: “Ah, we’re at that part of the season again where the friendship is being tested. Been there, done that.” But seeing how it unfolded, I’m fine with it now since the dynamics and relationships have actually changed, and I don’t think we’ll see it repeat a second time in season 3. They’ve kinda parted ways, and Foggy feels more confident about his own abilities. And with the professional dependencies gone, anything Matt does now will not affect Foggy as much as it did until now.


re: Foggy - it’s natural to not want him to butt heads with Matt, because Matt does the thing we want him to do - he fights crime and kicks ass! And WE know he’s not going to get killed, since the show is named after him. But as Adam hinted at, anything less than his stance would have been considered unrealistic and crazy. Foggy is a terrific character on every level. The way that story ends as seasons 2 wrapped up is … a huge bummer, but I love how it seems to be tying into Jessica Jones. I hope hes on JJ season 2!

We finished the second season last night and just freaking loved it. As great as S1 is, S2 is all the better for not having to tell an origin story - we hit the ground running here and it pays off well. The ties and call backs to S1 were incredible AND well done. Special shout-out for The Punisher, which was material treated very well here, imo.


Finished S2 last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Spoilery thoughts:


[spoiler]Ye gods, Karen is a hack writer. If she were a video game, she’d be inscribing ELBERETH all day every day.

Conclusion to Foggy’s arc was really satisfying.

Stick is such an asshole, heh.

I love the Hand. Chuckled every time they come on screen. I have to imagine the script is all like ALSO NINJAS EVERYWHERE LOL. They’re so silent you can only hear them breathe! Because ninjas! Hehehehe.

Loved the tease of the mysticism and the Borakku Sky. I mean, yeah, figured she wasn’t dead. But interesting that she’s the Evil in the Box ™.

Really liked how Elektra’s story played out in the last episode. How many hack writers would have an eye-rolling CLIMACTIC DAREDEVIL/ELEKTRA FIGHT blah blah blah? Making the struggle about her desire to be good and Matt’s faith in her versus the ease of the dark path and the power the Hand offers was great.

Best kung fu EVER.

Love Frank. Love the actor, impressed that they actually did something with (let’s be honest) a pretty damn one-dimensional character.[/spoiler]


All of the agreement. Except the first bit about Karen, that didn’t bother me too much. I’m an easy sell, though. I don’t understand what the deal with…

Your Point Five

Elektra suddenly in the box. Was she there the whole time? Was Matt working with a g-g-g-ghost!?! Did they recover the body from the roof top and put it in the box? Does that mean Matt just left her body there? Who did they bury? Is the implication that the Hand dug her body up after Stick and Matt left the graveyard and then put her in the box? To what end? What was in the box originally, that No-Bu was rolling it out of there in such hasty retreat?

is though, honestly. As you can see, I have many questions and don’t really get anything when it comes to that story beat.




[spoiler][jazz hands] SECRET ASIAN MYSTICISM! BORAKKU SKY! [/jazzhands]

It’s a tease, yeah. Very little is explained. My guess is she’s some kind of crazy immortal spirit thing that Stick abducted as a child in her most recent incarnation and raised to be good (only to change his mind after all the murder, which he’s usually totally down with, but whatever). The box is some kind of reincarnation device fueled by the blood of the innocent, or something.

But mostly: idk, BORAKKU SKY![/spoiler]


LOL okay, I’ll buy all of that with a side of awesome. Thanks Adam!






[spoiler]Nobu at some point refers to that big coffin thing as something like a backup plan. Not his exact words, but there’s some line about making sure it’s ready in case it’s necessary. We don’t know exactly what it does though; the presumption is it must bring people back from the dead given what we see in the end, but it’s also possible it’s a way of controlling them (the Black Skies), like maybe that would’ve been plan B if they’d captured Elektra but she resisted. We don’t really know.

Matt and Stick bury Elektra, obviously. But there’s a shot in the closing montage afterward of that grave dug back up. The Hand retrieved her body and put it in the magic coffin, she wasn’t in there the whole time, she wasn’t a ghost, etc.

I’m guessing the Black Sky isn’t a single being, just a rare one. Rare enough Nobu is mad in season one that Kingpin lets Daredevil and Stick ruin their plans for that one (Stick kills the boy), but not unique, Elektra is a Black Sky too.[/spoiler]



Wasn’t the kid Stick killed in season 1 called a Black Sky? Would he be what’s in the box?


So we know we’re getting Luke Cage at the end of September, 2016. That’s clearly next up in the MCU.

I also saw in an interview that someone mentioned a Netflix contractual obligation that their Defenders series is next up after LC. Anyone else hear that?

Presumably that would be mid-2017?

Then Season 2 of JJ, or Season 1 of Iron Fist?

Which means Season 3 of Daredevil is 2018 at the very earliest, no?

EDIT: Wiki says Iron Fist first, then Defenders last. Somewhere in there they’ve gotta want to get JJ season 2 though.


Baren, did you read my post (and finish season two)?


I think we’ll get JJ season 2 and Iron Fist season 1 in that order in 2017, with the Defenders movie next up, maybe in 2017 as well, but I don’t know. It does seem like DD season 3 (which as far as I know is not yet an official thing, just a likely thing) wouldn’t be ready until 2018 at the current pace.

I don’t really know what the constraints are though. Other than Netflix’s funding, and the Defenders movie production, are these shows affecting each other, competing for any other resource? Rosario Dawson’s time? Could we have new seasons of more than two of these shows in a year, or would Netflix still space them out just to give them time in the spotlight?


Ah, okay awesome, I missed somehow that specific scene with the

dug up grave

and I think that’s where the disconnect was coming from. Thanks guys!


I find Wholly’s explanation lacking in