Dark Souls 3

Haha, that giant rat freaked me out so bad the first time I saw him that I just turned around and ran.

Finally did the Sage, with help from Eygon. Actually I’m not sure how much help he was. He was usually a day late and a dollar short with his strikes, but I was extremely more aggressive than previously.

I couldn’t help myself, and I murdered Leonhard for his armor. After having just played Bloodborne, I wanted it too badly to wait (and I looked up his quest, and I’m probably not gonna miss the other items). He was tougher than I expected, though.

The first time I played this game I never found that bonfire. I don’t know how I missed it. I figured there had to be one someplace because the run to the boss was so long.

Yea, I realized later that you meant another area that is later in the game. I don’t know how you would discover that without a wiki or being all knowing. But it is a great area, both for the main boss and the crafting materials found there.

You are ahead of me now. I am in the Demon Ruins.

There are a couple areas where I got lost in every time I play, the Farron Keep, Demon Ruins and the Dungeons.

The Crucifiction Woods area is a big PvP area. In fact, I don’t know how they work but I think players hold fight clubs there. As a Watchdog of Farron or a Blue Sentinel it is probably the area you are most likely to get summoned into. Technically the players should be lower level still but there are ways around that.

Did you go up the elevator? There are several good reasons to explore that area ASAP.

I have played this game many times and this run was the first time I had seen Eygon’s summon sign. And I have never done Leonhard’s quest either. Doing his will ruin another.

That was the sorta branching path I mentioned before. Demon Ruins or Irithyll. I opted to make a break for the surface before heading back down into the fiery dark.

I also need to explore the Smoldering Lake a bit more. Digging the change of scenery in Irithyll.

And one of the best bosses in the game resides there.

Yeah, we’re gonna have to disagree on that.

I never realized how much the entrance to Irithyll, exiting the cave, is like your first exposure to the Ringed City.

I really like that boss, I know some hate it but when I finally learned the boss and could take it down I felt really good about myself. Like with the Abyss Watchers.

F’ing Abyss Watchers. Been stuck on that boss battle for months. Bailed the game because of them. Every time I go back I get slaughtered, hardcore. I cried out in victory the first time I put them down, only to see the big guy rise up with his sword of fire and own me. Now, my skills have degraded to the point I know I’ll never finish the game.

I also bought Sekiro (mistake) and never made it past the Ogre. Sucks getting old.

I sometimes toy with the idea of experimenting with pvp, see if I can actually get a bit better at it, but when you see the effort many put into maxing their pvp builds it doesn’t seem like I’d ever have much chance anyway. A 1v1 on roughly equal footing would be more interesting.

That’s where I stopped last night, so it’s next on the agenda. Now that you’ve mentioned it I’ll go check it out next, but I know there are earlier areas that I’ve not fully explored in Crucifixion Woods and Farron’s, not to mention I’m sure there was a path or two after the Crystal Sage that I didn’t check out yet. It’s definitely starting to feel a lot less linear now.

Decided to start over and try some bigger weapons, and 3.5hrs in I’m back at the woods, probably another hour until I’ve cleared it and will be at the same place as my winblades guy. Not sure what I’ll do yet, if I’ll go back to him or keep going with this one. Both have their good points.


Siegward helped me defeat a really scary enemy. I got a lot of souls. And right after that I found a Homeward bone. Uh oh. Was the game trying to tell me something? Nah, I’m being paranoid. It’s a part of the Undead Settlement that I haven’t explored, let’s look around! A bunch of empty houses, right?

Oh, let me check up these stairs.

Errrr… That’s two of the lovely dark witches, they haven’t noticed me yet. Maybe looking at each other, absorbed in their eyes?

I’ll give you one guess at what happens next. :)

He fixes the cable?

You kited one down the stairs, took it on while swearing because you hate them so much, but at least the second one stayed on the upper level, and then you shot it with a bunch of arrows from downstairs because its hat was just visible over the edge, and you felt good about cheesing the fuck out of it because screw those things?

Well, that’s what happened to me anyway.

The Irithyll Dungeon can fuck right off.

There is so much to hate.

The game scared the living daylights out of me three (3!) times! with the same trick.

Never been so frightened by a game in all my life.

It constantly put me on edge. Not one moment of safety. I felt cornered and in deep shit at every turn.

What a great level.

[Edit for haiku]:

Oh Fearful dungeon,
Branded, cursed; a giant!
Is that a mimic?

Well I’m still in the Farron Swamp. I took Scuzz’s advice and headed up the elevator, and found an old friend from DS2! Or was it DS1? I forget. Anyway, one soul later and two Large Titanite Chunks (yay!) and I’m feeling pretty good. Even better, I just found out what I can use that soul for with the Transposition Kiln. Oooh yes, I’ll have one of those rings thank you very much indeed, 15% or no.

I’m having a good time in the swamp, the poison build-up isn’t too bad, and there are some great monsters there. I love the goat guys, especially the giant ones with the flaming skull staff. I’ve opened the large gate now, and got most of the lot I can see, although there’s a couple more I think. I also think I need to go and fight that knight in Crucifixion Woods. He looks nasty.

So when I said “I love the goat guys” above, I had clearly not met the ones that leap onto your shoulders and proceed to… well, I’m not sure exactly what they are doing, but it looks quite rude and also destroys an insane amount of HP. So yeah, fuck those guys! I have yet to kill one of them, shields are useless, rolling is useless, attacking them in fact appears to be useless. Maybe I need a longer reach weapon?

Speaking of which, I’m now using a halberd. I had a good time using one in DS, and because I can now actually buy Titanite with souls, I can experiment without fear of wasting them. Anyway, after trudging through Farron’s swamp fighting off those horrific cursing basilisks, and not finding much, I decided instead of going through the big gates to head back to the Cathedral of the Deep. I was using the dragoncrest shield as it was superior in every way to the knight shield, but there’s a crest shield here which swaps fire for dark resistance. I’m taking this as a sign and swapping it!

Still wearing the starting knight armour. Nothing yet that I’ve found comes close.

Not sure when FROM introduced the grab mechanic. Bloodborne has a ton of dudes that do that exact move: unblockable grab, chomp fase.

You can sort of tell when they are going to do it. They pause for a moment and then spring at you. You can dodge out of the way, or backstep, but the timing is tricky.

I unwisely continue to divide my time between my two characters.

Knight: I made it past the winged creatures on the Road of Sacrifices to the next bonfire where the two Blue Sentinel people were chilling out. I didn’t go much further, but I love that the next enemy is basically trying to wield trees as weapons, and it’s almost as awkward as it sounds. Unless they get you, in which case it’s surprisingly effective. I wonder if I can wield a tree as a weapon later in the game?

Pyromancer: I found the cell again finally so I could use my cell key! Woohoo! Only he wants me to give a gift to a lady, but I already have that lady’s bones in my inventory. Hmmm, I think I’m going to have to disappoint this guy. Also, I couldn’t resist going after the mimic one more time. And I finally got him. It’s funny that they made him the smartest enemy in the game. I was trying to fire arrows at him since he can’t climb ladders, but he was always moving around trying to get to a place where I couldn’t get him with the bow. Very smart. But I still got him. The loot he dropped was a variation of the weapon I started the game with, but I really like it. So much so, I stopped using the Raw Lucerne+2 and the Uchigatana+2, at least for now. I’m enjoying this dark axe.

It’s a shame I died to those two witch ladies I posted above, and then subsequently died again. I could have used those souls to level up a couple more times.