Dauntless - pc co-op monster hunter?

I hadn’t actually seen this before one of the recent Pax trailers and I’m liking the idea of it. There’s no real competition in the pc market for this kind of gameplay that I can think of off the top of my head, and I like the creature sounds and art style.

It remains to be seen if they can retain interest and make it fun longer term, but I’m very interested in giving it a shot at least once they get to full release.

Has anyone played this at pax or something? Did you like it? Until now I don’t recall hearing anything about this.

Haven’t played it, but the videos I’ve seen remind me quite a bit of Tera (and MH of course).

I heard the Giant Bomb crew talking about playing this at PAX and really enjoying the monster hunter-ness of it.

I"m looking forward to it.

There are PC ports of Toukiden and Gods Eater 2 which offer the MH-type gameplay. But they are a far cry from the original. :)

Hopefully this is cool, but it’s free-to-play so I’m immediately suspect. Is there single-player support?

I’ve been following this for a bit. The F2P made me a lot less excited.

I can dig that. On the other hand, the type of game itself might really benefit from being f2p if it’s good. That would potentially provide an ongoing revenue and ability to continue to add new cool stuff to hunt and content which I’d imagine to be very important down the road for a game like this.

I think I heard they said the goal was to keep the pay stuff cosmetic, which has succeeded for other games and is a pretty big draw in the MH genre anyway. So I’m ok with it for now.

I feel like a lot of places make that claim but then you start hearing about paid double XP potions or something like that which aren’t necessary but for a game like this, assuming it’s kind of following MH, the grinding has to be fun and meaningful, and the making and upgrading your gear should be a big part of that… and be visually different.

I am hopeful but I’ve not seen a lot of F2P games that make me want to participate for long. I’d rather throw out my 60 bucks and not worry about it again.

That is a problem because they want more than $60 buck from you… =(

If they stack the paywall badly enough, they will get zero. There might have been a time when I was desperately looking for a game to entertain me… now is not that time.

Well there are some very good examples of f2p done well in the last few years, so hopefully they can find a similar balance. I’m mostly interested because it sounds like it could be a great casual play with friends kind of game that is pretty condensed.

I like variety and lots of multiplayer things really lack that these days and end up far too similar.

So this is a sword & sorcery version of Evolve?

More like Monster Hunter from my impression. 4 player co-op in large areas hunting large unique boss type critters with some distraction along the way.

I haven’t played MH but I was under the impression it’s heavily skill based, with tight reaction times, much like the Dark Souls series? How would that work in an online scenario, especially in a f2p game (they tend to have worse server performance for whatever reason)?

I’ve barely dabbled in the portable versions, but my super limited impressions were that it was great at local co-op or online.

I’d guess it’s no more of an issue than networking for csgo or Overwatch or any other fast game.

Like forming a party and setting forth with the common goal of giant monster killing was just fun. Sadly I’m way out of the loop, but I know the series has remained popular and any accessible pc game with similar systems that I can check out is something I am interested in.

I played on Wii which used Capcom servers. It was skill based, but based on the use of your weapon and also the movements of the monsters. I mean sure if you are lagging bad you could have a bad time at it but for the most part, you are either reading the monster’s movements well and rolling out of the way or ready to whack that tail off or not. I never had a problem on those servers. I did have a problem trying to find 4 people to play though.

I would love a game on PC where a group of players who cannot commit to raid like battles in MMOs can still go out and get a real challenge from a boss. I’m hoping it’s a lot more like MH than Dark Souls, that the finished product will fill out the world a bit and quicken combat slightly, and that their payment scheme isn’t terrible.

Good to hear. Me and my friend (who lives in a different country) are both huge Souls nuts so I’m looking forward to trying this with him.

Monster Hunter is well known for its coop and online. That’s one of the main appeals. It has really good lag optimization code for dealing with where the monster is, I read an article on it. So, it is doable. I would expect Dauntless to perform just as well as MH (which is to say, really really good!)

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Capcom must be flattered as hell, judging from the game play videos I’ve seen on YouTube.

Except Dauntless looks empty. I mean… will two monsters in Dauntless fight. Do they have prey in the world or is it just a port to a monster fight? There are few things that make MH feel more than just a zone into a boss fight scenario.