Dauntless - pc co-op monster hunter?


Maybe like the Reddit monster hunter discord, I guess?


New trailer for E3.

Even with MH XX announced I’m still excited for this. I tend to play way more multiplayer on pc.


I’ve seen all these trailers and while they look okay so far… the world looks empty and dead. From the trailers, and I realize the game could be different, it just instances you next to a boss which is… not as much fun.


It DOES look like there is more foliage and stuff (from recollection only, I didn’t go back and look) but I’m looking forward to the point where we can see an entire zone/level play out with lesser enemies and such.


They’ve officially said that there will be resources to harvest for crafting and other smaller wildlife in each location that I assume will serve a similar function to spruce up the place and fit into the crafting system.

There’s also different armor and weapon versions shown in the trailer which I presume are crafted and the latest behemoth reveal on the site mentioned elements as part of it’s weaknesses.

So I am trying to keep an eye out as I think it has loads of potential.


Founder Alpha is set to begin August 18.


Anyone actually playing it yet, have any thoughts?


I watched a fair bit of footage of the beta and relatively quickly I had the feeling that the longevity isn’t there. The fight are interesting enough, I guess, but there’s virtually nothing else. As @Nesrie pointed out months ago, they need other enemies to fight in the zones and other stuff going on. I thought they were going to add more, and there is some gathering to do, but that’s it. When you watch footage, then watch Monster Hunter World, MHW is a game you can see playing for weeks or months. dauntless really doesn’t. The lack of weapon variety exacerbates this, as does the limited upgrade paths for the weapons.


I’ve played through the first couple fights and I’m simply not having fun. On top of that it has a really early feel to it, more akin to an alpha than a ‘buy in beta’.

Keep in mind I’m not a huge MH fan (well, I love the idea but I’ve played at most a couple hours of the franchise). Combat felt clunky, camera felt uncontrolled and required a lot of work to keep on target. UI is beyond atrocious and is hopefully just placeholder. Keybinding isn’t in yet, which in this day and age is something I’d expect to be in before it hits anything other than internal only testing.

I see potential in several things and I like the actual monster design and the core base of the fights, I just don’t see much in the way of the reward loop yet either. Granted I’m still early on. This game might have had a chance if MHW wasn’t coming, but I’m fairly certain myself and about 99% of the people playing this will be playing that instead.

Verdict at the moment is that I’m glad I got my key free. (also my character looks very very odd to me. I found no way to make my guy look like a guy, and similarly I found no way to make a girl look like a girl. Pretty much every option I could find is an odd androgenous (sp?) look that was a bit offputting personally.


“One of the things that we felt has not been the best of experiences is our loot box-based monetization,” said design director Chris Cleroux. “We’re going to be moving away from that as our primary monetization to more of a bespoke model like Warframe and Path of Exile, where you’ll be able to choose and pick the things you want to purchase rather than go through the gotcha-box method. We feel like it’s a lot more player-first in how it works, and it also reflects a changing interest in the community.”


Got another invite to pay up for this which won’t happen until I know more about how it plays. It’s nice the loot boxes are out but is it… I mean I am not opposed to doing MHW and Dauntless, but does anyone know yet if Dauntless seem as empty as it looks?


Last I saw, it was just what you feared it would be (empty World’s, nothing else to do). That was months ago, but there was no indication at the time more was planned


Thanks. That’s disappointing. I kind of like the art style, and I love the idea that someone outside of the Japanese ports would enter the space but , well I can wait until reviews I guess. I thought a different region might provide a different take, something that might add a bit like Star Dew did to the farming rpg genre.


I liked the look of it too, but it honestly felt like they hadn’t really thought it through beyond the core concept. Back in the open event I played in it was:

Fight trainer version of monster
Go fight real version of monster
Go fight same monster again
Oh hey, here is a trainer version of a different monster to go kill
Go fight special version of first monster
Go fight real version of #2
And so on…

It got tedious very, very quickly. Again, all that could have changed more recently, but I haven’t been following it.

Monster Hunter intimidates the hell out of me, so the thought of Monster Hunter light is rather appealing. But this is Monster Hunter Empty


Is it just me?

Seeing this thread makes me want to play this again:



I am no expert with MH, but if I can handle it pretty well I know others can.


Open beta starts this afternoon


Are you sure? Their website says 24th


Closed Beta is 5/2, or maybe more like more stuff is happening in closed today. Open Beta is 5/24. I don’t believe i am in the closed beta.


yeah, I was confusing the closed beta with the open. sorry. Closed beta started today (5/2)