Day of the Tentacle is coming back!

Just to provide some more info, they’ve got the original recordings and using them in higher bitrates, which is awesome. The only thing not getting an upgrade is the number of frames in animations. Hopefully that won’t be such a big deal.

I actually found the low frame rate animation kind of annoying. It meant the lip syncing was completely terrible. It’s not a problem when the mouth is made of 3 pixels, as your brain invents the lip syncing. But in the HD version… it just looked wrong?

Or maybe it’s the lack of on-screen text so I’m doing nothing but staring at 3 frames of mouth animation and therefore noticing it more? (I did just look at some original DOTT playthroughs and I don’t find it annoying there, with the low-res mouths and the text)

I suspect you have actually come across references to a couple of puzzles without realising it. I doubt any are quite as (in)famous as the moustache puzzle from Gabriel Knight (a game which I haven’t played but I know all the steps to the puzzle). But the hamster one is pretty frequently referenced

We’ll see. I’ll be the judge on how this remake turns out. I alone will judge! (I’m at score zero now, and willing to go upwards.)

I know some of you are excited about The Division, but the really big news this week is that DOTT is available for pre-order on GoG!

We’ll see. I’ll be the judge on how this remake turns out. I alone will judge! (I’m at score zero now, and willing to go upwards.)

$12.79 with 10% off. Already losing points for high price. At most, should be $9.99. Score now at negative one.

We can expect more remastered games in the future.That is great :)

Our favorite digital historian just got to Day of the Tentacle. It’s one of my favorite games of all time – I highly recommend you read the entry if you are into adventure games at all.

I’ve never heard of this particular person or their work before, but I am a big fan of adventure games so what the heck.

edit: oh man, this site covers a ton of Infocom stuff. OK, maybe this is my favorite digital historian. This and the CRPG Addict at least.

This guy beats CRPG Addict hands down (not that CRPG addict is bad by any means). It’s the best-written history of video gaming in existence, including all the background stuff like the multiple platform wars that took place in the late 70s and beyond . I’m so happy he finally got to the 90s!

This is on sale on PSN for $2.24.

Aw man - a couple years back I emailed Doublefine about the possibility of getting Full Throttle and Day if the Tentacle on Xbox, and I actually got a response. They were quite apologetic, saying those remasters were partly funded by Sony so it pretty much wasn’t going to happen. And they gave me an Xbox code for Broken Age! Which kind of took the sting out. A little.

Pretty excited to be starting a new Tim Schafer game I know nothing about. After watching the intro, first impression: wow, I completely thought a game called Day of the Tentacle would have a Tentacle as the main protagonist. Spoiler: I was wrong.

Nobody tell him!

I finished this yesterday. What a long and epic game! I know it basically only takes place in a single location, but the way they expand that is just so clever and it gives the game such an epic scope and feel. There’s no way in a million years I would have gotten all these puzzles without a walkthrough though. When I tried playing without one for a while, I was constantly stuck so I abandoned that method pretty quickly.

Still, even with a walkthrough, the game felt really long and epic. I already miss these characters. I would love to see a sequel someday.

Could always go back and play Maniac Mansion. In fact, you can play it inside Day of the Tentacle. I know, mind blowing!

I did play part of it. It’s not as satisfying so far. The interface is more awkward, the jokes aren’t as funny. It’s the Rob Gilbert level of humor, not the Tim Schafer level.

Can’t argue with that. But it’s about the closest thing you’re going to get to an actual sequel.

Well, there’s a fan sequel: Return of the Tentacle by catmic, pepper-mint-audio (

There’s a just a “prologue” right now, that appears to be well-regarded. I haven’t played it myself yet, so I don’t know how much there is.

Hey, that’s cool! I find out the most interesting stuff around these parts.