DC - Titans - “F*** Batman!”


Yet another reason I wish I lived north of the border ;)


Same in UK. I’m about to jump in.


Right. It’s 1:30am. 3 episodes have passed in a blink. This is quite something.

I’m not totally on board with the grim dark as it currently stands. But the whole setting and story are so strange and yet engaging that I can’t stop watching. I want to see them all get together. I want at least some answers.

The show is deliciously more-ish. I’m quite sure it will be binged quite quickly.


Excellent fun.


So the offshoot did Titans started this week called Doom Patrol, featuring the characters seen in an early episode of Titans.

The first episode was really strong and I loved it. Really impressed with the quality of these DC shows. Nice to see Brendan Frazier in something again.


I ended up being mostly positive on Titans and Doom Patrol just had an excellent start. I was briefly confused by the actor switch with Dalton but no complaints.


Second episode of Doom Patrol was one of the weirdest hours in tv I’ve seen in some time. Loved every minute of it. Very funny. Alan Tudyk is awesome as the villain and narrator.

Doom Patrol (tv)

This second episode was great, for sure. I was laughing so hard when robot man was chasing the donkey and trying to explain to the other robot man.


Man, I loved Grant Morrison’s run on DP back in the '90s, and to a (much) lesser extent Rachel Pollack’s run after him. Does anyone know of this show borrows from any of that?


Huh. I’ve watched about half the season of this over the past week, and I am positively surprised. I had no expectations going in, and one of the things that strikes me is that it really manages to combine a plot that has drive and expanding on the world.

I assume that since this is the the inaugural show for the DC streaming service and there’s been one spin-off already it is intended to launch an extended universe for all their shows, and I think it is working. The grittier feel from the Arrowverse works a lot better than I thought it would. These people should be in charge of their movies.