Deadpool pulled from Steam

I imagine that PR copy writers engage in some long-running contest to see who can produce the most ridiculous, over-the-top bullshit without getting called on it by anyone within their own company–bonus points if you actually get a media outlet to print or read said lines.

I think the same thing goes on with TV script writers with regards to ridiculously implausible technical solutions to problems (ZOOM. ENHANCE. ENHANCE. ENHANCE.).

What show? That’d piss me off if they deleted a show I’d bought. (Prime is fair game, IMO, but if I buy a digital copy it should be mine in perpetuity.)

Along with NHL, EA also does a very good job with FIFA. Both of these are made by EA Canada.

It’s the stuff currently made by EA Tiburon that’s garbage.

Orlando, represent!! Woooo!!

Oh, wait…

(So glad I didn’t end up working for those people when I was young and impressionable)

Well, you don’t (see below) but apparently the deletion from the library was a mistake:

In this case, Disney has decided to yank certain movies off the shelf right in time for Christmas. If the House of Mouse was simply opting not to sell movies digitally, that would be one thing. What it’s actually doing is yanking those films out of your purchased library. Yes, if you’ve bought a Disney movie on Amazon Video, you may log in today and find it missing from your library. You didn’t think that you actually owned the digital videos that you bought, did you?..

…Updated @ 16:05: Amazon claims that the vanishing videos were caused by a “temporary issue” that has been fixed. “Customers should never lose access to their Amazon Instant Video purchases,” according to Amazon. The key word here is “should” — we are certain that Amazon still retains the rights to rescind your access to media that you’ve legally bought. But in this case, it was just a bug. Maybe. It smells like a PR cover-up to me, but we’ll probably never know for certain…

…The myth of ownership

What this type of action demonstrates is how streaming and physical ownership really aren’t equivalent in the modern world. Disney hasn’t yanked its physical movies out of Amazon, probably because it makes more money per disc than it does per stream. If you bought a copy of Beauty and the Beast last year, you can drop it into your DVD or Blu-ray player, no problem — nothing Disney has done can prevent you from watching it.

But Amazon signed an agreement with Disney saying that Disney had the right to withdraw its catalog any time it wanted, for any reason — and the customer just has to deal with it. The problem is, when Amazon and Disney change their relationship or availability schedule, the ordinary user is the one who gets shafted.

Here’s the situation. You’re in charge of Activision and there’s a Deadpool movie coming out that surprisingly has a lot of good buzz despite only existing as a trailer to the public. You don’t really have the time (or give a shit enough) to assign one of your in-house devs to make a Deadpool tie-in game for PS4 and Xbox One. What do you do?

Release the High Moon Studios game on the new consoles. At $50.

Wow. Like, wow.

Hey, that’s like, $10 cheaper than some AAA releases! What more do you want!

Here we go again, folks:

Looks like all versions of Deadpool on all platforms will be delisted on November 16, so if you’re interested and haven’t yet bought in, clock is ticking …

This quote from the article is pretty great, though - “I am very interested to see if it gets relisted again - not because I want it, but because the idea that Activision just re-releases the same Deadpool game every time Deadpool is relevant is hilarious to me.”

Now that someone has resurrected this four year old thread, I sorta want to too.

Also, can’t wait until they re-re-re-release the game in 2021.


Maybe they are trying out the Disney Vault idea? Release it for limited times, lock it away and get buzz when it is both rereleased and relocked away?

Sounds like it wasn’t a very good game. It has been on xBox sale a few times recently, and I keep wondering if it’s any good. From the reading above, it sounds like it was pretty rushed.

Seems to be gone now. Funny, I had no wish to play this before, but now that I can’t I really want to.

I know! Are we crazy people? Now I’m back to wishing I could play this. You know, a little bit.

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