Deadpool & Wolverine - I'm Marvel Jesus

Is that Doctor Doom?! Just some random dude with a mask?

Yes, sir, I want this.

This. Looks. Fantastic.


I’m glad the additional actors strike kept them from continuing filming without the writers. Killer poster too.

Random dude, certainly. Assuming you mean this shot:

I will be seeing this in the theater, thankyouverymuch.

Oh my word, yes.

Yeah, definitely some random baddie.

Feels like forever since I’ve been excited for a superhero film.

Same. I’ve been burnt out on superhero movies for so long, but this looks so great.

I’m in just for the marketing campaign Jackman and Reynolds will produce!

Oh hey Pyro is back from X2 and 3:

I don’t usually watch trailers, but I couldn’t resist this one. Nice to see the TVA being used some more.

Keep your hopes up. I’m going to spoiler this for the non-comic readers:

Some of the shots show Secret Wars 3 in the background. It’s in the sand @ 2 minutes. That’s the Marvel comic event series about multiverses colliding, the incursions mentioned in some recent films. Doom played the largest part.

It’s hard to tell from the trailer, but I looked up the comic series and this was that cover.

I’m pretty sure Doom wouldn’t be standing around wielding a machine gun.

So, D&W saves Marvel? Is that where we’re heading?

Also: yes please!

I’ll be That Guy and say I thought the trailer was just OK. It didn’t show us any of the stuff we actually wanted to see - like the co-star of the movie. Of course, this is just the teaser trailer. But we’ve already been teased with this movie before, multiple times.

It’s seemingly not “our” Deadpool in the trailer, and that dulls my interest. Enough with multiversal variants already - it lowers the stakes when we know there are an infinite number of other disposable copies out there. Though the trailer is likely a fakeout: I do have hope that we end up with Deadpool vs. Deadpool and “our” Deadpool ends up taking this guy out, quipping about multiverses while he does it.

I sure hope that’s not supposed to be the real Doom in that one frame - or, if it is, it turns out of be variant Doom from a timeline where all the heroes and villains get their costumes from Spirit Halloween. … Come to think of it, I’d pay to see a movie were Deadpool visited that timeline.