Deadpool & Wolverine - I'm Marvel Jesus

I’ve never been able to summon the motivation to watch any of the Deadpool movies. They just look obnoxious. Is there anything under the bang-bang/slo mo/wisecracking façade? I mean, there’s gotta be something to appeal to the old farts at QT3, I’m just wondering why I want to tell this franchise to get off my lawn.

I haven’t seen them either, but you have to hand it to Ryan Reynolds, able to handle everything from romantic comedies like The Proposal, to Detective Pikachu/IF for the young at heart, to Deadpool.

Well, there’s lots of bang-bang, wisecracking, and slow motion fights! Which means they’re like every other superhero movie except with wisecracking.

Seriously though, they’re a self-aware R-rated take on the superhero genre with a great cast. For enjoyability I’d put them up there with any MCU film.

Exactly what @Houngan said above. Obnoxious is Deadpool’s thing, but the movie doesn’t come across that way. It’s irreverent and the humour may not be for everyone, but it’s refreshing against the backdrop of all the other MCU films that are ‘family-friendly’.

Yeah, they’re ultra violent, but in a good way. Reynolds could easily carry both films but to be honest, he doesn’t have to. There are so many great casting choices all around him and they have characters that are worth watching too. I freaking love the portrayal of Colossus, and Brolin’s Cable is great too.

If you don’t like Deadpool as a character, then I guess you can stay naive to the films, but they’re great movies.

I wasn’t familiar with the Deadpool comics, so I initially wrote off the movie. But that was a mistake because they’re super fun and tonally quite refreshingly different than other superhero movies.

He’s the mutant that doesn’t fit the mold. I always felt like all the X-Men books were heavy with serious stuff. Their powers almost always a burden that they have to carry being born with them and persecuted for them.

Not Deadpool. Not on the surface he doesn’t, which makes his books and his appearances before he got his own books so much fun. He’s certainly got his own demons and serious issues under his (always regenerating) skin. I think Reynolds captures that in the films really well. He’s having a good time because he basically can’t die, but since he likely can’t be killed it’s clear that it kind of sucks to be immortal.

Speaking of which, looks like TJ Miller is out.

He hasn’t worked since before the pandemic, probably due to the sexual assault allegations and the Amtrak bomb threat. I don’t think it’s a huge surprise even if he was good in these films.

This x 100.

@138 , I’m an old man who wasn’t into comics as a kid and I’ve loved the Deadpool movies. Mostly because they don’t take themselves overly serious and in a well done way, make fun of the whole thing. And yet they tie in action and good characters in a way that a slapstick or full satire would not, so you get great bang for the buck laughing and seeing action in equal amounts. I don’t know if I would consider them the best of the superhero movies out there, but for sure they are a good watch. If you take the overall genre of these movies very seriously and track timelines and alternates to a T, Deadpool movies may well just not jive with you, and that’s understandable.

Hm, this looks better than the second one, and while I’ve been just done with the whole MCU for quite a while now, this might be worth a watch.

I don’t understand what you mean about “our” Deadpool. Where are you getting that this is a different version of the character?

Well the original Liefield version was quite a bit different from what I gather.

Kinda his thing, except in the opposite direction intended.

Oh yeah IIRC the original Deadpool in the first X-Force run was quite… well, not the self-referential fourth-wall breaking type.

I do find it amusing that 80-90% of the reaction videos I’ve seen have people who somehow missed the ending of Deadpool 2 and are shocked at the intro to this video.

I love what they’re doing with this so far so totally on board. Deadpool movies are definitely not close to a lot of good MCU fare (and definitely not Deadpool 2) but they’re great for what they are.

— Alan

In multiple movies now it’s been strongly hinted that the existing X-Men movies are being treated as taking place in an alternate reality. This is them bringing “our” Deadpool from the existing films into the MCU universe.

Ooh, Mathew Macfadyen is in this!

Which is hilarious when you read the interview he gave to Vanity Fair before doing this.

He admits he has no appetite for following so many other British actors into superhero movies or science fiction blockbusters. “I’ve done one big film like that, and it was a green-screen thing. It’s ass-paralyzingly boring, just acting to tennis balls and dots on the screen. You’re doing it for the money.”

Yeah, Deadpool was initially created in the early '90s as a Deathstroke knock-off (costume design and even Wade Wilson compared to Slade Wilson), and it took Joe Kelly’s run in the late '90s to add the self-referential/fourth-wall/pop-culture/Merc With A Mouth stuff.

Just imagine the total lack of irony and self awareness that exists in a typical Liefeld drawing. But instead, apply that to an actual character.