Death Stranding doesn't just have Norman Reedus. It has everyone!

Don’t shake the baby!

I’m trying understand this game. It’s an open world builder stealth metal gear like, where you have to carry a baby to see/sense evil alien beings from the upside down. You play Norman Reedus and carry a ridiculously sized backpack that produces even more ridiculously sized items like a 25 foot ladder and of course the whole thing will be some metaphor for human existance blah blah blah. Did I sum it up? The story sounds interesting, but the gameplay looks sooooooo terrible and boring.

You failed the Kojima test.

LOL. I sure did for this one. I’m still waiting for Snake to show up and say ha the Konami incident was just a great big mind fuck to so I could make something other than metal gear.

Yes, that’s a de-aged digital Lindsay Wagner


What did they do to her gorgeous hair!

50 min gameplay video

Convolute or melodramatize much Kojima?

Awesome cast

I’ll probably pass on this for PS4 and go with PC next year.

I usually never say this, but I’ll probably do the same. The living room TV is much more at a premium now. If I got it for PS4, I’d never get to play it.

Reviews are mostly positive, but it also has an amount of reviews that weren’t much less positive (6/10)

Ha, I guess the game is worth it if it made these sentences see the light of day:

Audaciously dull. I’ll have to remember that one.

And also this:

But from what I see, he stole (kept?) most of the UI from MGS V/Phantom Pain/Survive, which is a good thing because it’s a cool UI. It’s not a good sign to me however that the trailer is eight damn minutes long but barely has a glimpse of the gameplay. And I can already pre-review the game in one aspect: if the entire core of the game is one man’s lonely quest to reclaim America one delivery at a time hiking in the wilderness… why didja put 20 hours of semi-coherent cutscenes in it?

But I’ll probably buy it. Who else on Earth would dare make a delivery boy simulator wrapped in an insane sci-fi plot? Wild meets Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Listening to the Waypoint podcast from today has me really excited to play.

Everything I’m reading seems to say this an event worth witnessing but kind of a drag to play. So I imagine I’ll catch the highlights on YouTube.

a one hour long review by Tim Rogers. It sounds really great, not sure if he is joking that it is a UPS simulator, maybe it is… best quote from the video: “Death Stranding is the Gran Turismo of walking simulators”

I’ve read a bunch of reviews mentioning you deliver a lot of stuff in this. :)