Deception: Murder on Quarter to Three Forum Game


It’s probably worth noting he picked kitchen first.
Cockroach, Peanut, Powder, Coffee
Cleaver and Blender

@RothdaTheTruculent seems like they have a few options to fit so far.


My coffee might wake the dead, but it wouldn’t kill anyone. :)


And me. Have you read the Avalon thread?


Yes, I think this was clearly a coffee based murder. Perhaps a sabotaged espresso machine?


Ridiculous. I wouldn’t use coffee in such a way. You might as well say that I injected a brain eating amoeba into him with a bamboo needle. Uh… oh… wait.


A killer robot espresso machine, truly. One that caused severe injury.


I think the order is definitely helpful.

Cleaver, Coffee, Sack, Peanut, Powder, Blender, Spork, Spoiled Food, Smoke,

Severe injury would seem to eliminate Coffee, Peanut, Powder, Smoke, and Spoiled Food. Though Kitchen could be meant to be tied to a later card also.


I’d include Pesticide, Arsenic, Liquid Drug, Spork, Spoiled Food, and Spider as well. And there are quite a few that don’t fit in any room, but you’re right, it’s probably significant that he chose Kitchen first.


Kitchen cleaver. I like the way it sounds. Getting struck in, say the head, with a heavy cleaver surpasses simple injury. It is certainly severe.


Might be helpful to consider the alternatives to Severe Injury that Jorn passed up.

It’s hard to imagine a case where it’s Pesticide/Arsenic/Liquid Drug/Spoiled Food/Spider/Cockroach/Peanut/Powder/Coffee and Jorn forgoes the Illness/Disease or Poison option.


May I introduce my friend The Good Doctor. He will be keeping me centered and sometimes question my brilliant comments. I would be careful. He carries a gun. And he drinks. Myself? I will not be utilizing my usual seven percent solution. Only coffee.


Correct me if I am wrong here. These are the facts of the case, are they not?


Right, he’s saying that if it were something like Arsenic or Spoiled Food that Jorn would have chosen Poisoning instead of Severe Injury for the bullet point. So we can probably safely dismiss those for now, unless clues bring us back in that direction later for some reason.

Just in case you missed how it works, Jorn (as the Forensics Scientist) picks one of those six causes of death as a clue for us to narrow down the Clue and Means cards. Same with Location - he chose them to help us out, as he’s on our team.


Ah. So the injury and place might change? I didn’t get that.


Well at this phase, Jorn will put a bullet on each of the six cards. He’s only placed 2 so far. Before we move on to the presentation part, he’ll have to place all 6. Location & Cause of Death never change. He’ll draw a new tile to replace one of the other four though, and then place a bullet on one of the items on it. We’ll always have 6 cards available, each with a bullet on it.


Okay. I think I get it. Never played this game before. Is there a more complete version of the rules?


His first post up above has the full rules - there aren’t too many really. Video too, though I haven’t checked it out.


Good point, though it’s possible that kitchen is supposed to direct us to the Clue and severe injury the Means. Peanut, Powder, Coffee, and Spider are all clues, not the means.


Yeah that does, unfortunately, muddy the waters. However better that than blindly charging down a blind alley.


Okay. I think I might be clear now.