Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Cool, thanks!

One day: “Hazard 4 already lost its thrill, it’s too easy, I should play Haz5 more.”
The next day: /loses 3 Hazard 4 games in a row…

Sometimes you just end up on a crap team, last night we had a scout who couldn’t use his flare gun properly the entire round, 90% of what he fired off didn’t stay in the rock.

Couldn’t see shit for like half the expedition, lol.

I think the main difference, apart from other players, is how hard to traverse the terrain is. It isn’t the same having a nice open plain than having a very uneven terrain full of vertical rocks, chasms, hazards like magma, etc.

This game is a bit more grindy than what I thought it was gonna be. 120 hours and I still don’t have all the weapon upgrades. Then again, that’s because I spent resources in overclocks.

Helped out some new players tonight, they sure did get incapacitated a lot.

Gold Rush + Pots o Gold. All over my tits.

20K credits (!), 240 jadiz, 150 bismor.

In fact I just finished getting all the normal weapon upgrades, in 125 hours of play (+ two 2-star dwarves, +2 1-start drwarves, +36 overlocks).


I bet Kinou was happy to get a late join to your game.

that’s not bad. game has a fairly decent amount of content. I’m glad they always have something to grind for, personally.

If anyone is interested and want to get the Steam achievement, this week Elite Deep Dive is fairly easy, I got it on the first try, and only died twice in the three phases.

Playing mostly 2-man games (so if we suck, well, we aren’t harming anyone else’s fun). Any super driller/scout builds that anyone can recommend? This seems like a great pairing for us - as a driller I can easily get around via drills and lay-down flame indiscriminately with minimal aim, and my son can play the quick mobile style that he excels at.

Not that I know of , just play and have fun. :)

Finally finished a level 5 mission from the start, sadly I was the only dwarf to make it to the escape pod.

4-21-2020 10-02-50 PM

Yeah, I also never put a lot of attention on the weapon upgrades, I usually take one with extra damage and one with extra ammo reserves, and whatever else. :P

Once you get overclocks, the weapon upgrades are a bit more important, for example for a red overclock whose big flaw is lack of ammo, I may choose the two extra ammo upgrades, instead of only one.

Version 1.0 to be released on May 13.

You know whats amazing, I thought 1.0 was out earlier this year. :D

I think they are releasing a video of some kind today. Found it:

I’m Internet famous! (not really, let me dream)

Look at who plays the scout.

Very nice, I have yet to do a deep dive, as I heard they are always an hour plus long.

Well, it’s just 3 missions one after another. At 20-25 minutes each one, it’s easy to do the math. They don’t have machine events, at least.

Do they have pickaxe parts?

I don’t think so. Nor the other stuff, like the canisters you get to activate a terminal.