Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Stop playing solo. :P

Its so much better with a team of 4.

My social anxiety begs to differ. Sir.

Seriously though I have played with friends many times, just scheduled beforehand so I can emotionally prepare for interacting with other people. That the game lets me play solo so effectively thanks to Bosco is nothing short of miraculous.

Been playing a bit myself. Have yet to dive into multi player.

But with teamwork, even with random players, comes great XP.

Whaaaaaaat part of social anxiety do you not understand, good sir?

Also met my first spider tank thingy today. Was really great once I took it down and rebooted it.

Ah apparently this is the thing I ran into:

Yep, that’s ‘Betsie’. It’s an optional boss fight that appears sometimes. There is a new optional boss in the next update, by the way.

Oh god I get it. I didn’t say it out loud. Hahhahaha I love this game.

I saw the reboot prompt and I was like “hell no I’m not fighting that thing again” and left it there. Good to know for next time.

This is totally safe, and should be used in close quarters.

Narrator : That would be a lie.

Well, played another 4 hours or so and the only classes I can even tolerate are the scout and the miner because they are less held up by the cave complexity.

I don’t know why, but I’m getting turned around way too much, and the the caves are just stupid, particularly on solo, in verticallness.

Playing with others, maybe I just have a fondness for EA, but people are just spreading out, and it’s rare that you get classes that are working together.

And did I say I hate the engineer? God I hate the engineer and it’s at level 19 and I really want to get it to 20 and it’s just not happening because I suck so bad when playing the engineer.

Oh well. At least in my memory it was fun.

The mobility aspect is the biggest thing that encourages multiplayer. Having a combination of movement tools makes things so much faster and easier. I’ve only played a few solo missions but I imagine I’d get bored quickly if just playing solo. It’s just not the same game without the teamwork.

Just unlocked the submachine guns for the scout. SO HAPPY. I was not thrilled with the shotgun at all, this is WAY more my speed.

Two hours in this game rules.

Are there people playing regularly?

I am on a few hours a week, usually around 7-11pm eastern. Random days depending on my work schedule.

I’ll look for you if I manage to get on later, if you’re up for some company.

Yep I will be on tonight, up till at least 10pm, gotta work the weekend sadly.

Do you have a preferred class?

I’m highest rank in Gunner but I fooled around a bit with Engineer. I’m not very far along so I may be well behind you in level progression. That may present problems, I suppose.