Deep Rock Galactic (now out of early access!)

Agreed. as much as I’m enjoying DRG co-op with buddies the novelty seems to be dropping off suddenly within the group. More content would be great

I have over 70 hours of play with this game and loved tons. I logged back in after taking a 6 month break, and I’m not sure if I just need to get used to it again, but I’m becoming very disoriented in the mines, even on hazard 2 (although both maps were had the two warning signs for complexity). I brought up the 3D map several times and I can’t locate the other guys! When I read the wiki, it says that they should be showing up as colored triangles (diff color for each class), but I’m missing them somehow?

It may the the biome as well, as this was glacial strata? I’m going to try some more, but boy I felt like I was completely lost.

In the 3D map I always need to zoom out a lot before it becomes useful. If you are not seeing your teammates zoom out and pan around. They should always show up as colored arrows. The molly should be a green square.

They’ll also be highlighted in your HUD if you use the map or I believe the marker laser also.

Also in the regular view press and hold X to see them, and also things like the molly, resupply stations, etc.

Ohhh i didn’t know the x key, thanks!

Ya, thanks for the X key. I’m not sure why they weren’t showing before but I’m seeing them now. Zooming out on the map helped for sure.

Today was so friggen dicey. The game claims I’m a level 23 scout but just getting my legs under me and I’m playing hazard 2 extraction. This time it was a 3 in complexity (still hazard 2) and I’m plucking up the gems and doing what everyone does (these maps are pretty contained typically but this was was very verticalish and lots of nooks and crannies).

At the beginning, we hit one of those behemoths that turns into a huge pot of gold when you kill it? So we were getting a lot of gold, and I see one guy down, and I’m at 20% health as it is, decide to go back and resupply and the other two go down! It’s just me and I get to the 2 who are down and another behemoth and a dozen others are around them. I get them off, but the gas cloud lingers, and I’m waiting for it to dissipate and I finally get them up. Talk about nerve racking!

I’ve been playing a few nights a week with a couple of friends. We’ve got good synergy now. Currently I’m playing engineer and my buddies are scout and driller. We come into an area, the scout lights it up and I throw platforms under all the mineral deposits and other things up high on the walls. The scout zips up to them to mine. The driller get any low lying deposits and cuts staircases and other paths for mobility. While they re doing all that I put the guns up and watch their backs.

I finally did my promotion assignment the other night and it’s on to deep dives now.

I’ve got a pretty good setup for dealing with Detonators. I have the engineer’s plasma cutter weapon upgraded with long range and a wide triple beam. As long as I aim in the thing’s general direction it’s almost guaranteed to take out one or more of the Detonator’s glowy bits.

That’s awesome, gonna borrow some of those tactics next time I play with people (I’ve mostly been soloing).

I just upgraded my Scout’s rifle to this bolt action thing with a sniper like focused shot that is so. Fucking. Great.

Also rockets on Bosco is awesome.

I love this game.

Stop playing solo. :P

Its so much better with a team of 4.

My social anxiety begs to differ. Sir.

Seriously though I have played with friends many times, just scheduled beforehand so I can emotionally prepare for interacting with other people. That the game lets me play solo so effectively thanks to Bosco is nothing short of miraculous.

Been playing a bit myself. Have yet to dive into multi player.

But with teamwork, even with random players, comes great XP.

Whaaaaaaat part of social anxiety do you not understand, good sir?

Also met my first spider tank thingy today. Was really great once I took it down and rebooted it.

Ah apparently this is the thing I ran into:

Yep, that’s ‘Betsie’. It’s an optional boss fight that appears sometimes. There is a new optional boss in the next update, by the way.

Oh god I get it. I didn’t say it out loud. Hahhahaha I love this game.

I saw the reboot prompt and I was like “hell no I’m not fighting that thing again” and left it there. Good to know for next time.

This is totally safe, and should be used in close quarters.

Narrator : That would be a lie.