Demeo: A cards and dice digital board game dungeon crawl

Buff cards have always been permanent I believe. For ages I kept saving them ‘for special use’, then realised my hunter was hitting everything for 5 damage the whole game after a couple of buffs…

I hadn’t seen a buff card until two games ago, and now they’re everywhere! But yes, doing 4 damage as the guardian really helps. Pity about the death timer being reset per floor. That makes the game even easier. They really need to make the boss fight harder - last night’s game I saw a hunter basically solo her in one move (plus pets).

Yes, interestingly the first couple of times I reached her, she was utterly surrounded by her summoned allies who kept making her continually invulnerable, and I just couldn’t get close. Killed her in the end but it was hard work. Recently though, it’s become really easy - maybe it’s because I know what cards to bring along now. Personally I think killing the queen should just unlock the chest but you should still have to reach it to win the game.

In my last game she was surrounded by summoned allies too. However, it was the player’s allies. We had something like 3 turrets, a healing beacon, two elementals, a wolf, and a charmed Giant Slime. All of her allies were dead or killed instantly. The hunter (me) was uber buffed, the Elven Queen had Hunter’s Mark on her, and at least half the party was invulnerable. It was pretty lopsided.

The greatest danger seems to be in parts of the second floor where players are trying to hold onto the good cards but some nasty combination is behind a door or just came from behind in the dark.

I am sort of okay with this. I have experienced a WIDE range of player skill. Some folks seem incredibly new to tactical type games while others seem like they must work on Gloomhaven styled sudoku puzzles every morning. There is only one campaign now and only one boss. Thus I understand why she is on the easy side. Also plenty of deaths happen on the way to the Queen.

Still, even with incredibly questionable ally play and even sometimes intentional sabotage, the only time I have not beat the module was when a key bug kept the game from continuing. I think just boosting the buffing minions that cast invulnerability or banish would up the difficulty. If they were not so easy to kill or if they cast their stuff more often or across more targets, the fight would be a lot more intense. But then again, maybe that sort of stuff needs to be in a different module or a different difficulty setting.

I started a game. Room 1142. It is private, but also posted on Discord.

The game above is finished now. In it, I saw some VERY different layouts on this run. I don’t know if it is part of the patch or not, but the dungeons had a lot more variation and some really open/ vertical design. It made it really hard to limit line of sight. I saw bridges, collapsed tunnels, and some terrain that was 3 levels of difference between one tile and the next.

I don’t know if they are also patching server side for this, adding new content like this without us being aware until we encounter something new. Either that or there are more maps than we think and some only come up rarely. I’ve still not seen the L1 map again that I played on my very first game with you.

Maps are different, but I can definitely see the room bits that seed the maps. I recognize nearly every room if not every room. It is just that they will link up randomly, differently, or not at all in a given map generation. I know things like the triple staircase rectangular lowered room will never have a POI, but tends to have a lot of gold. Thus after many games, each map is “new”, yet repetitive. This is very much like Diablo.

That said, yesterday I was running into new maps with totally new room bits that seeded them. Maybe it was random luck, maybe it is tied to progression (the newer bits are more open and a lot harder to control), or maybe they did something in the patch or back end. I just know that I went from recognizing every dungeon part to recognizing none of them in a whole map.

New bits or not, the random linking of room seed bits does a lot of work in Demeo as there is a lot of tactical puzzles offered up by where everything ends up.

I have definitely seen floors that were identical though. Perhaps just random luck that they all aligned that way, but floors I’d worked through in great detail I remember clearly. It may have only happened twice, but enough that it made me wonder if there were specific layouts that come up now and then.

Either way, by the time you start exploring it’s a completely new experience anyway.

Haven’t played a game in a couple of days, too busy with work stuff and too tired at night to VR, but over the weekend I’m in!

(of course the third floor is the same layout each time, with the gate, chest and enemy positions randomised… at least, I’ve never seen any other layout.)

Yeah, the Queen’s floor is the same every time. Just where the monsters and POI’s are located vary. It is the cards you bring in that make that interesting. Although they need to nerf Coin Flip STAT. Nearly every game ends with that card now.

I anticipate playing over the weekend. I am introducing a friend to the game tomorrow 8ish AM (PST) I think.

I’ve yet to see Coin Flip used (even when I had one, it was unnecessary). Hunter’s Mark plus pets can also bring the Queen to her knees in rapid fashion. I’d like to see her HP boosted significantly, and/or turn her killer into the keyholder and successfully make your way to the chest as in previous levels. Even on our first game where we didn’t really know what we were doing, killing her was pretty easy. Perhaps the intention is not necessarily a challenge, but rather a bit of catharsis.

Coin toss or whatever it’s called could be nerfed in various ways. At the moment I’d never use it on anything but the boss. It has an enormous range and you don’t even move to the target if the attack fails or suffer any other consequence. So you could nerf it by requiring the assassin to be next to the target, or by having the target get a free attack if you fail, (or just by making the Queen immune, but that would be boring).

In my last game we had no assassin and had to gradually wear down the Queen with our puny attacks. Took forever! It definitely seems easier when the Queen starts in the same section of the map as you do.

But I agree that you should win the level by reaching the chest. Perhaps they thought it was an anti climax to make players do that, but personally I see no point in having the chest on the map unless you need to unlock it yourself. Also the VO keeps referring to the Queen as ‘he’ and as ‘keybearer’ or something, which shows some confusion about what they were intending to happen with the ending.

So, anyone up for a game? This is a long shot, I know.

I would be in an hour or so. Have to eat lunch first.

Ok, I can wait until then.

Also, Demeo feedback form! Tell 'em what you think…

OK, will be ready to play in 5 minutes.

Ah ok, set up a room and let me know the number when you’re ready, I’ll be right over

. 0644.

No sound, trying to fix

Ok, I’m going to restart the PC, see if that helps.

That was a blast! I thought we were going to wipe a couple of times there, but we clawed back. GG.